Treasury Council Election Process


In an effort to further decentralize and democratize the governance of the Moonbeam Treasury, an election process for Treasury Council members is being introduced. The elections will take place during the month of November 2023 as indicated in this Forum post. The Moonbeam Treasury Program Transparency Report has exhaustive information on the operations of the treasury and speaks to the current council members’ dedication to their work.

And now, to further decentralize and democratize the governance of the Moonbeam Treasury, the community is invited to participate in selecting the future council members.

Reasons for holding elections

Before moving on to the election process, the rationale not to enable the Treasury Track on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks should be addressed. While Polkadot’s OpenGov feature is used in Moonbeam and Moonriver, it is configured to suit the specific needs of these networks.

1 . Limited Treasury Budget Due to Current Market Conditions:
First and foremost, given the current unfavorable market conditions, the Treasury budget is limited. It is essential to exercise financial prudence to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the ecosystem. By carefully managing the treasury budget, the financial health of our ecosystem can be protected.

2. Preventing Spam and Distraction:
Enabling the Treasury Track at this moment can invite spam and unnecessary proposals, which could distract the community from critical tasks devoted to nurturing the ecosystem such as reviewing and voting for Runtime Upgrades, Grants process, XCM proposals, etc. It’s vital that the community maintains focus on activities that foster ecosystem growth and development.

3. Protecting against malicious actors:
Early-stage governance can be vulnerable to manipulation by malicious actors. By not enabling the Treasury Track until the ecosystem is more resilient, the risk of governance exploits is reduced and it will ensure that proposals are considered with the best interests of the networks in mind.

Based on the reasons outlined above, electing Treasury Council members to manage the Moonbeam treasury for Q1 and Q2 2024, and act in the best interest of the network is a prudent decision, as the one-year track record serves as compelling evidence of this.

Treasury Council Election:

Since the inception of the program, the council has always contained a majority of community, non-Foundation members. However, their appointment was rolled into the governance motion which created the program. The current council consists of 5 community members:

  • 2 Foundation Treasury Council Members
  • 3 Non-Foundation Treasury Council Members

The proposal is to hold elections for the 3 Non-Foundation council members and the process will be as follows.

Election process:

Anyone interested in running for the Council should create a “Treasury Council Member Candidacy” post on the Treasury Proposals Category on the Forum between Nov 9 - Nov 15, 03:00 PM UTC. This includes the 3 existing non-Foundation members.

Format of the candidacy post:

  • Name: Name of applicant
  • Timezone: Timezone applicant resides in normally
  • English Language proficiency: English language proficiency (based on the IRL scale)
  • Qualifications: Education and work experience
  • Background: Moonbeam background and track record
  • Motivation: Motivation for applying
  • Conflicts of interest: Disclose any potential conflicts of interests they may have that could impact them evaluating certain types of proposals
  • Availability: How much time you can commit to the committee (anyone unable to commit a minimum of 10 hours will be automatically disqualified) and whether you have any general restrictions that would get in the way of attending regular meetings.
  • Supporting information: Any other supporting information
  • Code of Conduct: Applicants should affirm that they are in good standing in the community and will commit to upholding the code of conduct.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum IRL 3 proficiency in English
  • Capable of spending the minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Desirable qualifications: infrastructure operations, experience with software development, etc.
  • Forum Trust Level 1
  • Complete Delegate profile on the Delegation Dashboard

Nov 9 - Nov 15, 03:00 PM UTC: Candidates post their candidacy post here
Nov 15 - Nov 21, 03:00 PM UTC: The community to provide feedback on the candidacy posts and ask additional questions of the applicants
November 23, 03:00 PM UTC: A weighted snapshot vote begins
November 30, 03:00 PM UTC: A weighted snapshot vote ends

The three candidates that receive the highest weighted votes and complete the Foundation administration review will proceed to the on-chain voting that will take place on 6 December, 2023.

Term: Council Members will serve from January 2024 - June 2024.

Compensation: Non-Foundation Treasury Council Members will be compensated 1500.00 USDC monthly for services provided to the Council.


Hi all,
Here is the list of qualified candidates for the Treasury Council snapshot vote:

  1. ExtezyMr
  2. GodsHunter | Vladimir
  3. Sik
  4. Jose
  5. Michel
  6. Yaron Zimmermann//ExtraCoin

Snapshot vote link: Snapshot

The vote will begin on November 23, 03:00 PM UTC and end on November 30, 03:00 PM UTC.

Voters are strongly encouraged to read the full text of each application and the community discussion before casting their vote.


I am pleased to announce that the snapshot vote concluded on November 30 at 03:00 PM UTC. After a week of voting, the three candidates who received the highest weighted votes are:

  1. Michele Iceberg @Michele

  2. Sik @dev0_sik

  3. Yaron Zimmerman @_yrn

We appreciate the active participation of our community members in shaping the future direction of the Treasury.

The next crucial step in this process involves an administration review by the Foundation. Following this review, we plan to conduct an on-chain voting scheduled for December 6, 2023.



In a continuous effort to enhance the decentralization and democratization of the Moonbeam Treasury, an election process was initiated to select Treasury Council members. This election took place in November 2023 where the community actively participated in the selection of council members for the upcoming term from January to June 2024. A Snapshot vote was conducted, with six candidates participating. Subsequently, the three candidates with the highest weighted votes were identified for further consideration. Following an administrative review by the Foundation, this proposal aims to formally appoint the new Treasury Council.

Treasury Council Composition:

The Treasury Council will be composed of five members, including two representatives from the Moonbeam Foundation and three elected community members. Council members are expected to possess a deep understanding of the ecosystem’s priorities and contribute to its maintenance and growth. The term for each Treasury Council Community Member is set at 6 months.

Treasury Council Default Vote Nominee:

To streamline decision-making and prevent deadlock, a “Default Vote” position is introduced. Aaron Evans, a Foundation Treasury Council Community Member, is nominated for this role. The Default Vote holder’s decision acts as the default vote for other Council Members in the event of their failure to vote within the 3-day voting timeout. This mechanism is inspired by Polkadot’s “Prime Member” function.


The term for each Treasury Council Community Member is set at 6 months. Non-Foundation Treasury Council Community Members will receive compensation of $1,500 monthly for their services to the Treasury Council. This acknowledges the time and effort invested by community members in contributing to the governance and growth of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks.

Council Members Nominees:

The following individuals are nominated for the upcoming term:

  • Non-Foundation Treasury Council Community Members: Simon Kraus
  • Non-Foundation Treasury Council Community Members: Michele Amurri
  • Non-Foundation Treasury Council Community Members: Yaron Zimmermann
  • Foundation Treasury Council Community Members: Aaron Evans (with Default Vote power)
  • Foundation Treasury Council Community Members: Lina K.

This proposal invites the community’s support and approval for the nominated Council Members.

A referendum has been created on both Moonriver and Moonbeam reflecting this proposal:

Moonriver Referendum #47
Moonbeam Referendum #35


Announcement of the on-chain referenda results

Exciting news! The on-chain referenda for the appointment of the new Treasury Council on both Moonbeam and Moonriver networks have concluded successfully. Your active participation played a crucial role in shaping this decentralized process.

Without further ado, we proudly introduce the newly appointed Treasury Council members:

Non-Foundation Treasury Council Community Members:

  1. Simon Kraus
  2. Michele Amurri
  3. Yaron Zimmermann

Foundation Treasury Council Community Members:

  1. Aaron Evans
  2. Lina K.

Your engagement and commitment have been instrumental in this important decision-making process. Let’s continue working together to strengthen our community and contribute to the ongoing success of Moonbeam.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks a lot for your trust :pray:

I’m looking forward for all the fun stuff we’ll be doing in 2024 :rocket:


Ready and Happy to start: we will support with all our strengths Moonbeam eco growth along next weeks/months.
Future holds many challenges and opportunities, the more we will act like the great Team/Community we are, the more we will be successful!!!

Let’s Keep on spreading Moon lights onto crypto world!!!


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