Jose Crypto - candidacy for treasury program

Name: Jose Angarita
Timezone: UTC +4
*Independent worker
*Previous elected Non Foundation Treasury committee member

*Early supporter - Pre launch
*Started like ambassador and now im Head of Ambassador for Spanish comunnity
*Moderated the group in Spanish and English,

  • Previous elected Non Foundation Treasury committee member

Background and track record: Being a moderator, I am in continuous contact with the community which allows me to know the general opinion of the community regarding various topics,

At the same time, the experience that I have gained over the years in crypto allows me to have a better visualization of everything involved with treasury and objectively think about the common good of the network.

Previously participated like non foundation member so i already know all the process behind, so will be easier continue with the work objectively

At the same time, I serve as a Council Member of HydraDX, which in turn gives me experience in the field of administration and internal communication between diverse opinions.

Motivation: Motivation for applying: I am interested in what is best for Moonbeam, although sometimes decisions are not easy, I trust my judgment and contact with the community to make the right decisions regarding treasury management.
Conflicts of interest: Some might consider that being a HydraDX Council (elected by the community) may be a conflict of interest.
That’s why I report it, but I see it more as a vote of confidence in my abilities.

Availability: Im available for 10+ hours.

Supporting Info: Can check the report from previous period of treasury program and my post about the experience
Moonbeam Treasury Program Transparency Report](Moonbeam Treasury Program Transparency Report)

Code of Conduct: i will follow the code of conduct


José is a great candidate. I support his candidacy.


Hey Jose!
It is great to read your candidacy post!
Good luck in the next stage - weighted snapshot!