GodsHunter | Vladimir - Candidacy for The Treasury Council

#Name: Vladimir Shulga, 35 years old

#Timezone: UTC +8


  • Remote worker
  • I have a background in outdoor advertising and auto parts, with approximately 10 years of experience in those industries.
  • Been involved in the crypto space for the past 3 years.
  • 2 years of experience as a mainnet validator (Solana, Agoric, HumansAI, Joystream, Kusama, and others).
  • Moonbeam Senior Ambassador for 2 years.
  • For the past 1.5 years, menthor in Validator School.

I have been engaged with the Moonbeam project as an ambassador for over 2 years. Previously, my work primarily involved translating videos, articles, moderating, and creating guides and content. Currently residing in Indonesia, where there is a lot of crypto communitys and numerous meetups, I am actively involved in bringing projects into the Moonbeam ecosystem. Additionally, I have become a community delegate,

Spoke on stage in Bali on the topic of Connected Contracts on Moonbeam.

During my time as an ambassador, I actively collaborated with fellow ambassadors, and I’m delighted that many of them have progressed to become Seniors.

I have comprehensive knowledge across all facets of the crypto space, from testnets, mints/claims, trades… to retro drops. Therefore, in my free time from validator and ambassador duties, I explore other areas within crypto. As a validator, I am also engaged in various projects, allowing me to stay attuned to developments in different spheres. I pay close attention to what is happening elsewhere—what has been done right and what could be improved. If something impresses me, I begin contemplating how it could be implemented within the Moonbeam ecosystem.

I am a big fan of smart contracts and projects that impact the traditional business sphere, not just the crypto industry.


There are various reasons for me to engage in this role. On one hand, I am interested in gaining new experiences and collaborating with other team members. On the other hand, the work itself captivates me. Despite being involved in technical tasks like validation, I don’t consider myself a tech guy or developer. Someone like Sik might be better suited for this position. My primary perspective revolves around projects from a business standpoint. While new technologies and ideas are always exciting, I believe we should assess projects based on what the ecosystem needs today and in the near future, without chasing elusive “golden nuggets.” It’s crucial to focus more on the project’s business model—does it exist? What are the prospects?

Another significant reason is my desire to contribute value to a project I’ve been part of for over 2 years. I believe I can handle this role effectively. I stay abreast of trends in the crypto space, often understanding what’s likely to become popular and what might be temporary. Additionally, I am well-acquainted with our ecosystem.

In essence, my motivation stems from the blend of curiosity for new experiences, a passion for the work, a business-oriented perspective, and the desire to contribute meaningfully to a project with which I’ve been involved for an extended period.

I plan to serve like Treasury Council no more than 2 terms, if given the opportunity. I believe in the importance of rotation to bring in fresh perspectives, and others should have the chance to grow.


My schedule can be flexible depending on the tasks at hand. I strive to adapt to the work requirements, especially given the flexibility demanded by time zones in the crypto space. Typically, I am available every day and work almost daily to meet the demands of the industry.

Supporting information:

Feel free to connect with me if you have any question.
TG: @GodsHunter
Twitter: @v_shulga
Discord: godshunter_

P.s. I would appreciate your votes if you choose me. However, I would also be happy if the community selects another deserving candidate.
P.s.s. If you need any links, i will also provide it.


Together with Vladimir and others I provided feedback after testing the first iterations of the delegate dashboard and can really vouch for his ability to assess tools and projects and give critical and productive feedback.

Combined with his community involvement and past experiences he’d be a great addition to the Treasury Council and he got my fullest support :pray:


I had the pleasure to know Vladimir by collaborating with him about the Moderation/Community Management inside Moonbeam Unofficial Group.
Vladimir is not only a smart and clever player of our Eco but also a trustable and reliable person, hence I fully endorse here his Candidacy!!!


Thank you guys for yours warm words :slightly_smiling_face:
@Michele @dev0_sik


Hey Vladimir!
It is great to read your candidacy post!
Good luck in the next stage - weighted snapshot!

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