Yaron Zimmermann // ExtraCoin - Candidacy For The Treasury Council

  • Name: Yaron Zimmermann // ExtraCoin

  • Timezone: CET

  • English Language proficiency: Level 4 – Full professional proficiency

  • Qualifications:

    • 2012 Abitur 1,5 / Highschool diploma grade A-
    • 2020 Bachelors degree Interfacedesign graded A-
    • ~8y Freelance Designer & Interfacedesigner
    • ~2.5y Self-employed blockchain infrastructure operations
  • Background:

    • (1) about me:
      I’m Yaron, Berlin’s own 31y/o tinkerer & maker by heart with a far above average amount of 3d printers and cnc-mills compared to the average European household. I hold a BA degree in Interfacedesign, having studied in Germany and Taiwan.
      I have been freelancing in creative industry for ~8 years now.
      Working with international clients in written and spoken terms on a daily basis, English has become second nature to me.
      Away from keyboard (and Ledger) I have been playing :basketball: for the most part of my life, I enjoy to “take flight” :rocket:with my racing bike and some years ago started taking Taekwondo :martial_arts_uniform: lessons which have been a great place of inner rest and peace of mind for me.
      Having freelanced for many years I have developed my routines of productive and self-organized work over time, enjoy collaborativly working together in teams across the globe and usually put much dedication into my work.

    • (2) relevant experiences:
      My journey of diving into the Moonbeam ecosystem started prior to the start of the first slot auction on Kusama. I contributed to both crowdloans, “took flight” and became a Moonsama holder of the earliest hours with “sub0” minecraft skills. Soon after I became a Moonbeam ambassador for Germany and moderator of the German telegram group together with Simon and Nikki. In that role I spoke about all things Moonbeam on a German crypto podcast [Spotify link].
      Decentralized infrastructure and smooth node operations in these systems have become a part of my life I enjoy a lot (when things run smooth). Under the pseudonym “ExtraCoin” I’ve been running collator nodes for various parachains in the DotSama eco.

  • Motivation: I :sparkling_heart: EVM && Polkadot. First Ethereum, now Polkadot. No denial, both Derek Yoo’s and Gav’s visions have been influential and inspiring to me. Any opportunity of meanigful participation is a source of motivation in itself. Being “in it for the tech” first and foremost, I have been attending blockchain conferences and events frequently and just recently came to realize that I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole up to a point where I would like to pivot and focus my career on decentralized permissionless systems. I consider myself lucky to have met so many smart and inspiring minds IRL on Decoded '22, Dappcon '22, ETH Berlin '23 and Protocol Berg '23 (which as a member of the DoD I helped organize) and have made many friends along the way.

  • Conflicts of interest: Despite not running any collation or RPC services in the moonbeam eco directly, as a node operator for several parachains and system parachains I am currently looking into entering the Orbiter program. Besides, there are no obvious current or future potential conflicts of interest I am aware of. Should any such conflicts arise in the future I shall publicly disclose them right away and abstain from voting on any associated proposal. Being a GLMR and MOVR staker since inception I guess is not a potential conflict but rather a boost of interest.

  • Availability:
    I am dedicated to devote as many hours as needed, regardless of weekends and holidays with no restrictions of attending regular meetings.

  • Supporting information // vision:
    With the current heated discussions around openGov and the aim of the “Interim Treasury Program” to fully integrate into openGov, I am happy to join the discussion of finding the least flawed way for everyone and potentially suggesting improvements to openGov or its successor along the way.
    Any Q’s left? <= feel free to reach out!

:space_invader: Discord: @yrn
:phone: Telegram: @yrnski
:bird: Twitter: @yaronski
:fire: Element: @yrn:matrix.org
:e-mail: Mail: yaronski@protonmail.com

  • Code of Conduct: I abide by the Code of Conduct with no exceptions.

I wholeheartedly endorse Yaron for the Treasury Council position. His exceptional grasp of Moonbeam, showcased brilliantly in our podcast episode linked in his application, demonstrates his outstanding competence and ability. I believe he is more than capable of excelling in this role and contributing significantly to the Council’s success. AYE for Yaron!


Hi Yaron,
Can you post a link to your delegate profile if you have one, please?

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Germans, assemble!
I can fully attest Yarons expertise in blockchain technologies and particularly within the Dotsama and Moonbeam ecosystem.
He’s an awesome person with an exceptional talent to evaluate every aspect of a project or problem. He’s thinking ahead and always considers what’s best for the long-term success.
As his post lays out he’s knowledgable in many areas - technical and non-technical. And it doesn’t stop there - he also designed on of the most precious NFT collections on Singular :fire:
I would really love to see Yrn representing the Community’s interest in the treasury council.


Hi lyn,
thanks for being interested! Here you go:


Danke, Neo! Appreciate your kind words!! :hugs:

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I am humbled! Thanks a lot, Simon! Muchissimamente appreciated :sparkling_heart:


Great, thank you for your candidacy post!
Good luck in the next stage - snapshot vote!