Once Upon A Time In TreasureLand - by Sik

This forum post is going to highlight my experiences and story of serving the Moonbeam Treasury Council through the Interim Treasury Program.

Let’s first take a small step back to recap how the puzzle pieces came together.
We’re in September / October 2022 and #openGov wasn’t even a thing yet. We were limited by the capabilities of Gov1 and the inability to properly evaluate and decide on treasury proposals from within the community.
To change this for the better MAD Cripto started a discussion on Polkassembly detailing the program draft and kicking off a vivid discussion around that topic.

The result was confirmed in Referendum 67 and got executed on 19th of October 2022.

As the name of the Program suggests - “Interim Treasury Program” - wasn’t meant to last forever.
It was an interim solution while fully rolling out openGov in all extent.
Till date we’ve seen some solid participation in openGov referenda and also delegated votes.

The treasury however is still not yet fully integrated into openGov flows, which is the reason for the Treasury Council still being around and looking forward to the next term starting January 2024!
So far I would say the Treasury Council did a pretty decent job considering the outcomes described in the Transparency Report lately.

The DotSama community knows me for various things, including being the founder of crifferent.de staking services, operating nodes for Staking Facilities or being councillor, registrar, moderator and ambassador for various networks within the ecosystem.
My expert knowledge in the blockchain infrastructure landscape, as well as my developer background proven to be beyond valuable while working with the Moonbeam Treasury Council evaluating all the different Moonbeam Treasury Proposals (MBTP).

All the awarded proposals till date can be grouped into three categories:

  • RPC Services (59.8%)
  • Wallet Development (21.9%)
  • Tooling and Dashboards (18.3%)

That being said - every single proposal was very technical and I was really able to bring in my deep experience from working as a Developer and Senior DevOps Engineer for more than 12 years and my 10+ years of Blockchain experience.

Personally I really enjoyed working on these topic with awesome people from the community and the great minds within Moonbeam Foundation!

During the past 12 months we established new procedures and found ways how to professionalize the processes and optimise the spending framework in a way best aligned to the bright future of the Moonbeam Network.

I am deeply thankful for the trust I received by carrying these duties and the overwhelming positive feedback I got from the community directly of in the form of openGov vote delegations.
Thank you so much for the experience and friendships along the way.

Keep making Moonbeam great,
xoxo - Sik :pray:


Amazing post my friend, what you shared here gives positive vibes to all the Community, great experience indeed!!!

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