Sik | - Candidacy For The Treasury Council


Simon Kraus - The Artist Usually Known As “Sik |


Efficient treasury management and serving the greater good!


CET && very flexible

English Language proficiency:

Level 4 – Full professional proficiency


  • 13+ years of professional IT experience
  • 10+ years as Full-Stack Developer
  • 10+ years in touch with blockchain
  • 3+ years fulltime Web3
  • Expert in Blockchain Infrastructure


I am no stranger within the Moonbeam community.
From the get-go I’ve been a strong supporter of Moonbeam and Moonriver and even before these chains spawned to life I was operating a node for the Moonbase alpha testnet.
Since September 2021 I am a moderator in the official Moonbeam Discord server and also an admin in the german Telegram group.

In my flexible dayjob I am operating and maintaining enterprise-grade baremetal infrastructure at scale with Staking Facilities, which takes me outside my DotSama bubble thus gaining valuable insights into other ecosystems.
I am the founder of staking services and deeply engaging with the projects and communities I operate infrastructure for.
I don’t stop at tech-topics. I’m an educator, community supporter and a veteran Governance warrior!


I am honoured that I’ve been part of the initial launch lineup for the Council of the Moonbeam Interims Treasury Program.
This way I was able to co-create the cornerstones of the current processes and we created a sustainable system for treasury-funding.
Here in the forum you can find my retrospective of the past twelve months in the treasury council and get more insights on what we achieved during the period in our transparency report.

I am a very active Ambassador in many DotSama networks - including Polkadot since 2020.

I’m serving as a registrar on HydraDX, Basilisk, Pendulum and Amplitude and judged more than 250 identity verifications till date - completely for free as I’m not charging any fees for that.
Furthermore I am part of the council in HydraDX and Basilisk.

For quite a long time I am super passionate and dedicated about all things governance within the networks. I was engaging in Polkadot and Kusama gov long bevore openGov was a thing and when there was little to no buzz around it. Our whole ecosystem is suffering low gov participation and I’m constantly trying to engage more people to take part or delegate their votes. I am a gov delegate for Moonriver, Moonbeam, Kusama and Polkadot. Especially on Moonbeam I am proud to be the #1 delegate with 277k GLMR delegated voting power (2.77% voting weight) from 66 delegators and a Moonbeam forum score of 90/100.
In the Polkadot and Kusama community I’m known for my very critical evaluation of governance referenda and treasury requests resulting in an above-average “Nay” voting percentage.

Below you can find some brief voting statistics among the most prominent chains:

Network Gov Version # Of Votes
Kusama Gov1 98
Kusama openGov 261
Polkadot Gov1 79
Polkadot openGov 217
Moonriver Gov1 8
Moonriver openGov 28
Moonbeam Gov1 33
Moonbeam openGov 31

In total I have voted on more than 800 referenda!

Conflicts of interest:

Due to my involvement in many projects and my own infrastructure operations it could be argued that there would be the possibility of upcoming conflicts of interest.
I rather view it as a benefit and viewing the bigger picture, aiming for the best outcome for the whole ecosystem.
If there is any referendum I’d feel biased I would abstain from voting. The treasury council voting can succeed with a 3/5 threshold which makes it totally fine to abstain on certain topics.
We had this situation in the past and I did not participate in the voting of RPC infrastructure funding due to involvement with UnitedBloc.


I am capable of investing the needed time for the work in the treasury council and also flexible enough to attend the meetings.
The track record from the past months easily proofs this.

Supporting information:

I provided some high-level overview in the paragraphs above but I’d love to elaborate on details wherever someone might be interested! Feel free to drop any questions below this topic or get in touch directly!
Discord: @dev0_sik
Telegram: @dev0_sik
Twitter: @dev0_sik

Code of Conduct:

I live and breathe the Code of Conduct and always advocate for a respectful discourse!


I strongly support Sik as a candidate for the Treasury council. Sik has been diligently supporting the Moonbeam community in a great variety of ways for many years now. Sik is eager to help others and introduce them into the community and help newcomers wherever possible. Sik has a demonstrated track record of being engaged with OpenGov and (Democracy V1 prior to OpenGov)

Sik no doubt has a keen filter for identifying important projects and discerning judgement in evaluating projects.


Definitely supporting Sik, always there, always helpful. His track record dedication towards the Moonbeam project and community speak for itself.


Of courrrssee i’m backing Sik too !
Commitment is his other name !


single handedly support SIK - what a key asset and contributor to the ecosystem who has skin in the game and expertise adding tremendous value.


I support Sik, given his previous experience and knowledge, I am sure he is an excellent candidate.


Wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me “Quick, who is the most important agent of this ecosystem?” and my answer would be “Sik” 100%. Being most caring and biggest sweetheart around, the man is personally responsible to keep me still here, and i bet that goes for a lot of people who know him. His understanding and proficiency in this field, along with a great involvement of keeping everything going, i can say absolutely without any doubt he 100% deserves this role.


I’m absolutely support SIK candidacy here. His contribution to the Polkadot ecosystem in general and to the Moonebam eco in particular is immense. He has great ideas, initiatives and high motivation to boost our ecosystem forward. I’m really feel confident when he is in positions where he can maximize his potential (such as a council member)


Yes indeed totally agree, Sik is for sure a great Candidate for this role, impressive background!!!


Small post to express my full support for Sik. He is an extremely technically proficient individual. He is also objective and honest. A big AYE for me, we need more eco agents like him.


Happy to support Sik. He has the right profile and always showed great dedication to the development of the Moonbeam ecosystem.


+1 for fearless Sik and a safer Moonbeam


Insta-YES from me. I’ll never forget seeing Sik in one of my very first Polkadot Ambassador calls nearly 3 years ago. Since that time he has been nothing but a North Star and guiding influence to so many throughout the broader ecosystem, and specifically heavily involved with Moonbeam.

He is kind, generous, thoughtful, and always happy to help whomever needs him in any moment. As a Moonbeam token holder I heartily endorse his candidacy without reservation. He should be a welcome addition to the Treasury Council, and I am confident that his experience and expertise will help guide the use of treasury funds toward good aims that will promote the chain and its attending community.




I just can support him. He is way beyond doing what’s needed. He always takes care of giving a heads up to just everyone, he is a DOTSAMA freak and he is always a trustable source of opinion.


I AM ALL IN for Sik; he is approachable, which is really needed in this space. He has been involved in many initiatives which bring a broader perspective to decision-making and collective action.


CertHum’s voting support will in part go to Sik. There aren’t many names as synonymous with heads-down building / heads-up community than Sik, and combined with his experience on the committee, makes him a natural selection to continue on with this important work.


I approve.

I just logged in to say this. ^ ^

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hello ser, I just dropped a DM in your Telegram account, Thanks!

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I must say that Sik has excellent technical knowledge. I am confident that his expertise will be invaluable on the council. Sik has been a collator for a long time, and I stake tokens on him. The reason for this choice is that he cares about the ecosystem and is actively involved in its life. He does a lot for it and has long earned the full trust of the team.

Wishing you good luck, my friend and colleague :handshake:


Sik is the absolute dream candidate here, most obviously! I fully endorse his candidacy. Anyone unfamiliar with his Sik’s many contributions within DotSama has been living under a massive offline rock. He’s extremely knowledgeable, unselfish, good-natured, unconditionally helpful and yes he won’t hesitate to vote NAY on your exorbitant treasury request no matter how nicely written if no ecosystem net positive is to be expected :fist: