Treasury Council Candidacy (July - December 2024) — Yaron

Name // Alias
— Yaron // yrn // ExtraCoin

— CET // Berlin

English Language Proficiency
— Level 4 (C2) – Full professional proficiency

Relevant Qualifications
— 2012 High school diploma grade A-
— 2020 Bachelors degree Interfacedesign grade A-
— ~ 8 years of Design & Interfacedesign Freelancing
— ~ 3 years of blockchain infrastructure operations
— 2023 DoD member (Protocol Berg; ETH Berlin 3 + 4)
— 2024 H1 Moonbeam Treasury Councilor

— With the current 6 months Moonbeam Treasury Council term nearing its end, I can say with reasonable certainty that I have a pretty good understanding of the tasks and duties involved in being a member of the council by now, which surely does take some time for any newly elected member to get to and be fully on-boarded. For that matter, generally speaking, I consider six months to be at the lower end of an ideal time served in the council and a high fluctuation among the non-foundation members might be of less overall value to the ecosystem compared to at least two consecutive terms.

Referencing my recent post where I reflect on my Treasury Council experience during the current term I took note of a number of areas with room for improvement I had come across, which, should I be fortunate enough to again be a proactive member of the MBTC in it’s upcoming term, I would like to address and help with ironing out.
Adding to that, the discussions around openGov and the aim of the “Interim Treasury Program” to fully integrate into openGov are still a relevant topic I would like to see addressed and help with finding the least flawed, most decentralized way for everyone and potentially suggest improvements to openGov or its successor along the way.

— I’m Yaron, Berlin’s only Moonbeam Treasury Councilor and 31y/o freelance tinkerer by heart.
Owning a far above-average amount of 3d printers and cnc-mills compared to the average European household this should come at no surprise. I hold a BA degree in Interfacedesign and studied in Germany and Taiwan. Working internationally on a regular basis English has become second nature to me.

ETH Berlin 04 Hackathon

Relevant experiences
— My journey of diving into the Moonbeam ecosystem in particular started prior to the start of the first slot auction on Kusama. I contributed to both Moonbeam and Moonriver crowdloans, was part of Take Flight and became a Moonsama holder. With a very broad interest in tech and anything blockchain related I fell down the tech rabbit hole on both Ethereum and Polkadot in particular and became a Moonbeam ambassador for Germany and moderator of the German telegram group together with @dev0_sik and @nikkilikeonlynikki soon after. In that role I spoke about all things Moonbeam on a German crypto podcast run by @neo_kryptodudespodca.
Decentralized infrastructure and smooth node operations in these systems have become a part of my life which I enjoy a lot (when things run smoothly that is). Under the alias ExtraCoin I’ve been running collator nodes for various parachains in the DotSama ecosystem.

— Decentralized infrastructure are a matter of the heart to me. Also I <3 the EVM && Polkadot.
Most of all, now that I have had the very joyful experience of being part of the Treasury Council I absolutely enjoyed it and would love to be able to continue that journey.

Conflicts of Interest
— Despite not running any collation or RPC services in the moonbeam ecosystem directly, being a node operator for several parachains and system parachains I am also in queque to enter the Moonbeam Orbiter program which might result in conflicts of interest. Besides that, there are no current or future potential conflicts of interest I am aware of. Should any such potential conflicts arise in the future I shall publicly disclose them right away and abstain from voting on any proposals in question.

Boost of Interest
— GLMR and MOVR staker since (ok almost) TGE.

— I am dedicated to devote as many hours as needed.

:space_invader: Discord: @yrn
:phone: Telegram: @yrnski
:bird: TwitterX: @yaronski
:sunglasses: Matrix:
:e-mail: Mail:

Delegate Profile

Code of Conduct
— I abide by the Code of Conduct with no exceptions.


Hi @_yrn ,

It is a great pleasure to read your candidacy post written with so much care and sincerity! It speaks volumes not only to your skills and qualifications, but your awesome personality as well!

Our community is lucky to have you!
Good luck with the elections :star_struck:

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