A glass with yrn 🥃 — Treasury Council term reflections

:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: A six months Treasury Council Committee term nearing its end :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

— Reflections off the top of my head.

Off to an ambitious start …
… I used a hadware wallet as my on-chain committee member address so all extrinsics were fired off via governance proxy set with @AlbertoV19’s Moonbeam Proxy Manager tool which relies on United Block RPC services. Pretty cool — Thanks, Alberto!
With regards to ease of use I wouldn’t recommend going with a hardware wallet in this particular scenario, but I guess I had to try it :eyes:
Deep diving into the many tech aspects during my 5+ months journey was pure non-proxied joy and tech-lead by our committee member repeat offender @dev0_sik, a treasure to the treasury committee himself. Early on new member @micheleicebergnodes and I got kickstarted by Sik’s screen recorded how-to videos about all internal processes, converting Treasury Proposals into Council Motions, voting on a council motion, closing a treasury motion as well as all aspects of keeping record of proposals via github and firing the proper nested extrinsics.

Funding RPC services :desktop_computer: <= :moneybag:
Providing funding to establish free & high quality RPC services on MB / MR is one of the main objectives of the treasury council ever since — for that matter I learnt the nitty gritty details of evaluating RPC services, the more and the less relevant aspects of them and as such the vast differences in quality of services deployed which directly translate to highly relevant qualities of user experiences rather directly. Here I could attach to my experiences in running collator and validator nodes in the DotSama eco and prevent an RPC cold plunge :cold_face:
At this point I once again have to give a shout-out to my fellow councilor Sik, whose expertise in the field provided the council with an unprecedented knowledge stronghold and is not only putting normies in awe.
When it came to decision making we had to factor in quite a large amount of aspects and give them weight during consideration.
While proposing parties had their expenses calculated on a USD based cost basis, for any treasury requests to be fulfilled these had to be converted to GLMR and MOVR split in a 60/40 ratio. Interestingly one RPC service provider had their GLMR/MOVR funding multiplied in USD terms through “smart treasury management” (aka not selling) from previously funded Q’s. However volatility can go both ways which we had to experience during this term as we saw a significant drop in value for funded parties right after proposals being put on-chain (during the spending periods) and just before payout. Notably 30d moving averages do not help with smoothing out a “perfectly” timed cliff. Welcome to crypto. To my knowledge everyone took the hit rather unbothered, though. Nonetheless, to me this seems like an area for potential improvement in the future.

xcPINK airdrop :ribbon:
To my greatest of luck we got to facilitate the distribution of the eagerly anticipated xcPINK airdrop of the dedicated allocation for the MB ecosystem. For that matter we ended up setting up a 2/3 Safe multisig (MB deployment) making use of their dedicated airdrop app. Thanks to extensive testing we managed to resolve all issues and and ended up firing off a large amount of xcPINK batch transactions mitigating the risk of exceeding any available blockspace and keeping a reasonable margin of safety. This event notably raised overall activity from within the German community socials, where Sik and I serve as ambassadors.
My brief encounter working with @turrizt during the cleaning of data to facilitate the xcPINK airdrop was superb and his overall pace left a lasting impression on me.

Stormy :ocean::sailboat:
Looking at one moment of lesser smooth sailing was when a previously treasury founded RPC Service provider disagreed with the committee’s decision of not moving forward with his proposal. This decision was made due to their non-negotiable position and rather high ask along with very competitive offers from other great service providers. While I’m convinced that the unanimous fact-based decision was the right one to be made, meeting emotional arguments and accusations in a more diplomatic way is an area for me to personally improve upon. The exchange lead the committee to decide to be more transparent and more communicative on decisions reasoning, which I consider a big plus.

Smooth :butter::sailboat:
While I absolutely super-enjoyed my time in the committee so far, having such great fellow committee members around & having (over)delivered on our promises is a pleasure in and of itself. It’s been an honor serving & adding value to the MB ecosystem while taking endless notes from joyful tech deep dives with @dev0_sik , marveling @micheleicebergnodes’s community focused positivity and constant supportive encouragement, Aaron’s overall positive influence & goodwill, professionalism and focus on the greater impact, ShinyTreasure @lyn’s fantastic management abilities and lots of fun along the way … best. treasureTime. ever.

Many thanks to everyone involved :sparkles: :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Written like a fairytale :fairy:

I deeply appreciate the passion, commitment and energy you brought to the council!
Never shied away from the tough topics, always with the grindset to get shit done quick and take tasks onto you :pray:

It’s an absolute pleasure working with you and I raise my glass to you :tumbler_glass:

Exceptional technical understanding and awesome skills to evaluate and execute web3 topics :brain: