XCM Disclosure: Pendulum

Network Information:

Pendulum is an open-source blockchain built on the proven Parity Substrate framework, establishing the missing link between fiat and the DeFi ecosystems through a sophisticated smart contract network.

Q1: Is the Blockchain Code Open-Source (and include Github link)?:
If parts of the code are not open source: please provide information on why not
Yes, Pendulum Chain · GitHub

Q2: Is Sudo-enabled on the Network? If Sudo is disabled, is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses?
Yes, SUDO is disabled. The SUDO pallet is not part of Pendulum’s runtime anymore.

Q3: Is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses (<50 addresses)?
No. The Pendulum chain is the larger community of token holders who control the network.

Q4: Have you completed full testing of this integration in Moonbase Alpha?
It is in progress currently.

Q5: (For Moonbeam XCM/HRMP Proposals Only) Does your network have a Kusama deployment? If yes, please provide Network name and whether your Kusama deployment is integrated with Moonriver
Yes, Amplitude. It is not integrated with Moonriver.

Q6: Is your blockchain code Audited? If yes, please provide: i. the name of Auditors, ii. dates of audit reports and, if available, links to audit reports.
Our public audit reports can be found here. Automated code checks have been conducted by SR Labs, with the last audit date being the 28th July 2023