Unofficial Moonbeam Group on Telegram: Community growth opportunities

Hi all,
I am Michele, CMO at Iceberg Nodes and part of Admins Team of subject Group, the Moonbeam Unofficial on Telegram.

What I place here it’s a sort of Call to Action, in view of growth opportunities for Moonbeam Community in the incoming months.

As you know often the Unofficial Group is addressed as the place to go for discussion about price speculations.
In reality along time this group (jointly with some criticalities typical of a Bear period) showed the potential to become an important reference point on Telegram for our Community in terms of Access point for new comers to the Project, specifically a lot of tech questions (not only about Staking) have been processed there alongside with explanations about Moonbeam vision/mission.

With the Bear period going to end in the future and a new Bull cycle incoming, lot of Crypto new comers will join Telegram.

My Call as per below:
On top of what everyday is greatly done already inside the Official Channel, Let’s contribute ALL of us jointly inside the Unofficial Group also to make visible to new comers how many key and reliable Players we have inside Moonbeam Eco.
I think here about Foundation members, Council members, Collators, Moderators and Admins, Forum members, Active Contributors, Teammates from other parachains… We’re really a lot when gathered, and we’re all professional ppl.

A new comer arriving to us should see this, how brilliant our Beam can shine.

Any specific idea here is more than welcome!!!

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks!

Beat regards



hey Michele, welcome to the forum! happy to see you here. thank you for this post

personally, I’m one of those who always avoid speculative channels, so I haven’t been a member of any unofficial group. however, I’m joining today as a member of the community, and you can tag me if any issues arise. I’ll do my best to help. the only thing I won’t participate in is discussions about price or potentially contentious topics. nevertheless, I’ll certainly try to help dispel any doubts or rumors


This is quite a nice and good news to start this week46 dear Turritz, thank you a lot!!!
Your presence will be more than useful there, I am sure of it!!!


Great initiative @Michele

I’m already a member of the group but not very active innit.
Hard to keep up :smiley:

But same as @turrizt goes for me - always feel free to tag me on technical or governance discussions etc :slight_smile: Happy to chime in at any time


Using unofficial TG almost daily, maybe help some moonbois. Pretty calm and chill the recent weeks


Amazing Sik, thanks for this reply, and apart from specific tags (that could occurr in the future…) whenever you have some spare time… You’re more than welcome there!!!

Keep in touch



Yes I know my friend, you’re on daily basis there and I am more than glad about it, you’re making better the environment especially after the past “storms”… Let’s keep on growing healty Community!!!


If each one of us will contribute 1% of your contribution and positive vibes to the unofficial TG group - WAGMI!


WOW my Friend… So thankful for these nice and warm words!!!
Indeed your post there are always precious and helpful, your contribution is Great!!!
Let’s keep on growing all together!!!


Hey guys,

Interesting discussion here!

The unofficial channel is a space driven by community where people can have unrestrained conversations - I think there is value in it remaining as such. And involvement of respected community members like turrizt, Sik, legendnodes, and yourself, Michele, would undoubtedly enhance discussions.; particularly when addressing questions that demand in-depth knowledge of technology and community programs. So thank you guys for stepping up! And, of course, if there is a need for more personalized response from a team member, you can always send them to our official channel.


Thanks for your comment my friend!!!
Yes I totally agree, no need to change “nature” of unofficial group but we have the opportunity to enrich it with added value contributions from key players of our amazing Eco!!!

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