Treasury Council Member Candidacy (July - December 2024) - Michele Iceberg

Name: Michele Amurri
Timezone: UTC +1
English Language proficiency: IRL 3

*Master Degree in Industrial Chemistry
*Bridgestone Senior Product Engineer (Audi & Audi Sport programs)
*CMO at Iceberg Nodes
*Treasury Council Community member (January-June 2024)

*DOT investor & Moonbeam Early supporter - Pre launch
*Started as CMO at Iceberg Nodes along 2021 focusing about Community support about all Staking related items
*Upon Community request I started to Moderate the Telegram Unofficial Moonbeam group since 2H 2022 (English)

Background and track record:
Being an Engineer and responsible for Product development from A to Z (12y of seniority), I am aware of all the hurdles and challenges that can be faced on the product journey, especially being customer facing, I learned how to manage expectations and properly communicate concerns, sharing all the possible solutions with related scenarios.

At the same time, I serve as a Council Member of Engineers Trade Unions, which gives me experience in the field of administration and internal communication between different views aiming always to find convergence for a solution.

I started my crypto journey following Gavin Wood activities since 2017. The experience that I have gained over the years and especially serving as CMO at Iceberg Nodes, operating Staking services for Polkadot, Kusama, Moonbeam and all the main parachains, allows me to have a wide perspective and visualize key aspects involved with a new candidate project / program especially in relation with the common good of the network and ecosystem as a whole.
Additionally, being a Moderator I am in continuous contact with the community: this allows me to know the general opinion of the community regarding various topics.
Gathering feedbacks from all the stakeholders is a key aspect to me.

On November 2023 I was elected by Moonbeam Community and since January 2024 I am serving the Treasury Council. Full report about my experience is available here in the forum, but to make a long story short: this experience made me even more convinced about the huge potential of Moonbeam Project simply because I knew “from inside” how great are the People working on it.

Motivation for applying:
I am strongly interested in what is best for Moonbeam especially in view of future challenges/opportunities.
Having served the Council during these months gave me even more motivation because now I know for sure much more than before that this service is Key for the Community.
I trust my judgment and the continuous contact with the community to make the right decisions regarding treasury management.

Conflicts of interest:
I am CMO at Iceberg Nodes, always focusing about Community support on all issues and specifically on the Staking related items.
I report it just for confirmation, but honestly I do not see possible conflicts of interest about it, on the opposite there is a Synergy: staking is healthy only if the network grows strong, and vice-versa.

I’m available for 10-14 hours per week and flexible about timings.

Supporting Info:
All my daily activity on Telegram / Discord & here on MB Forum.
Specifically I report here the link about the post resuming my experience as Treasury Council Member during these past months:

Delegate profile: Delegates of Moonbeam DAO (Delegates of Moonbeam DAO)

Code of Conduct:
I fully share code of conduct principles and I will adhere to it


Just forgot a really important point:
I wish good luck to all new Candidates!!!
Treasury Council Elections are always a vector for Community engagement, the more the participation, the better it is!!!

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Hi @micheleicebergnodes ,
It is good to read your candidacy post as it makes me appreciate all the hard work you do in our community!

It is also a good reminder that building a strong community around the project since day 1 has been the smartest decision because eventually people from that community will drive the development of the network as it matures.

Thank you for everything you do and good luck! :crossed_fingers:

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Your words simply made my day Lina, thanks really from the deep of my heart❤️
… And yes, the real strength of Moonbeam is exactly this: our amazing Community!!!
Let’s keep on working jointly with the Team to make it grow more and more, day by day, also by promoting incoming snapshot vote: like an Italian singer / poet was used to say, “freedom is partecipation” (quote by Giorgio Gaber)
Long life to our Community, Long life to Moonbeam!!!

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Hi @micheleicebergnodes happy to see you post your candidacy. It’s easy to spot your commitment to the community in comms channels, and day or night, weekday or weekend, you can always be found spreading positivity about Moonbeam. There is no doubt that your primary focus is what’s best for the network, and thanks for all you do!


Hi Michelle,

I’m really glad to see you’re running again. You are a real GEM to the RiverBeam ecosystem and it’s important to have people like you in influential positions like the treasury council.

As someone who has witnessed your dedication and full support to the ecosystem and community, be rest assured that you have my full support here!