[Referendum:84] Upgrade Moonbeam to RT2100

The Moonbeam Council proposes to upgrade the Moonbeam’s runtime to version 2100.

Runtime 2100 release note :

Important updates:

  • OpenGov is being added to Moonriver and introduces new ways for the chain to be governed by its Community. After the observation phase, it will be proposed for Moonbeam. It is important for tools, service providers and users to consider this new governance upgrade to ensure correct monitoring and participation in the network important decisions (see [#2041](javascript:void(0)), [#2044](javascript:void(0)), [#2028](javascript:void(0)))
  • Staking rewards are now paid 1 block later. Instead of being on the first block of a round, it will start on the 2nd block of that round (see [#1855](javascript:void(0)))
  • EVM/Substrate transactions are now using the new Dynamic fees model in Moonbase Alpha for observation before enacting it on Moonriver and later on Moonbeam.