[Referendum: 02] Upgrade Moonriver to RT2200

The Moonriver Council proposes to upgrade the Moonriver’s runtime to version 2201.

Runtime 2200 release note :


Important updates:

  • Upgrade all networks to Substrate v0.9.37. (see #2072)
  • Add proxy Precompile: Improves user experience and security by making it easier for users to participate in governance and staking activities through their proxy accounts. (see #2105)
  • GeneralAdmin origin is now the allowed origin of multiple extrinsics in Moonriver. (see #2044) & (see #2010)
  • Integration of Dynamic fees logic in Moonriver. (see #2078)
  • ERC20 XCM enabled assets in Moonbase: Facilitates seamless transfer of ERC20 tokens across the broader parachain ecosystem by simplifying the process for users and developers. More information will be shared in a dedicated Forum post. (see #2090)

Runtime 2201 release note :


Important updates:

  • RT2200 included the substrate dependency upgrade to v0.9.37 which was missing the migration to a new format for the referendumInfo structure. This runtime RT2201 adds this migration on top of RT2200.
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wonderful it is good job to be keep progress