[Proposal: MB21/MR17] Blast support for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase alpha (Q3 & Q4 2023)

The proposal you’ve provided outlines an impressive initiative by BlastAPI to support Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase alpha networks, Nice work as it is.
I have a question tho.
Could you explain the security measures in place to ensure the integrity and safety of the services provided by BlastAPI?

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Hey @damboy sir also recommend check all other proposal an give Feedback too,

Appreciate your interest: Q2/Q3 RPC Service Provider Treasury Proposals - #5 by Mihai_BwareLabs


Hey @damboy ! Thanks for your feedback!

Regarding your question, we have an integrity service that continuously monitors nodes and checks that the responses are a match for our own trusted nodes. Additionally, we also sample traffic and replay requests to verify the correctness of the results.

Thanks for sharing this proposal in a well-detailed format.

Here, you outlined that payments will be in GLMR and MOVR tokens based on USD conversion rates. How does Blast plan to manage potential fluctuations in token prices over the proposed timeline?

Hey @db_defiedge ! Regarding your question, we will bear the risk of fluctuations.

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Hey @jose.crypto ,

Following the Treasury Council resolution presented here Q2/Q3 RPC Service Provider Treasury Proposals - #37 by mtca , we wanted to know whether we need to create two new separate proposals for Q3 and Q4 or can we keep this one with the revised funding request for Q3 and Q4 from $7000/month to $4500/month, since it has already been created and received feedback.
Please let us know how you prefer us to proceed!

Hey sir you can keep this post, only update the info :raised_hands:

@Mihai_BwareLabs please tellme when you update all, so we can give a check

Hey @jose.crypto , I tried to update but it seems that I do not have the necessary rights to do so. Please help with the necessary rights to update or consider this comment as an update with the information shared below.

The only section that needs to be edited is Overall Cost and it should be updated as follows:

Overall Cost - The total cost, including three regions’ support for Moonbeam, Moonriver plus Moonbase alpha (EU, US, and APAC), is $4500 per month, meaning $27000 for Q3 & Q4 2023 payable 80% in Moonbeam Network (GLMR) and 20% in Moonriver (MOVR), tokens that are calculated at an average USD price over the last 30 days. The costs for Q3 & Q4 of 2023 (from July 1 to December 31, 2023) are 112,530.1346 GLMR and 1,348.0167 MOVR.

your forum level has been changed, so you can edit your post!

Hey @turrizt , just made the update. Thank you!


Hey - would be great if BwareLabs could put together a forum post in the development area covering “Getting onboarded with Bware/Blast” to help teams who may be transitioning from another RPC provider or who are new to the ecosystem.


Hey @aaron.mbf , it’s a great idea. We will make a forum post in the development area.

Im agree with it

Only remember to use the 30d avg price at the. Time of the submission and the 80/20 ratio of GLMR and MOVR resquested

And wait until other Council member comment the support ( 3 requerided)

Aye from me as well (2 of 3 Council Members)

Ayed, considering the 80%/20% ratio and the 30-day average price rules

@Mihai_BwareLabs - please go ahead and create the on-chain proposals.

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Links to the on-chain proposals:

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