[Proposal: MB21/MR17] Blast support for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase alpha (Q3 & Q4 2023)

Hey @Mihai_BwareLabs && dear Blast team!

The newly appointed Treasury Council welcomes the continued collaboration for 2024 and would like to provide a quick update on the current state of treasury funding moving forward.

As RPC funding has been transitioned to a pre-paid model on a quarterly basis as outlined in this post, the Treasury Council is asking the selected super duo of RPC service providers seeking treasury funding to submit their proposals for Q1 2024 in a timely manner, ideally by January 15th.
Same as in Q3’23, please use the 30D TWAP for both GLMR and MOVR to USD conversion.

While the Council expects the RPC services provided and outlined in-depth in the initial post of this thread to remain unchanged for Q1 2024, they would kindly ask to provide detailed usage metrics for the last quarter of 2023.

Compared to the beginning of the preceding quarter, the MOVR token has significantly appreciated in value on an absolute as well as on a relative basis with the GLMR token. To reflect this in it’s spending, the Treasury Council would like to update the 80/20 rule towards a 60/40 rule in terms of GLMR/MOVR split ratio per USD requested.

Looking forward to your proposal :ring:


Hey @_yrn , Happy new year!

Thank you for the information provided. We will consider all these details when we submit our proposal for Q1 2024, by January 15th.