[Proposal: 1] Increase the Collator Active Set in Moonbeam by 4 (3+1 Orbitor)

Abstract - This proposal seeks to increase the active set of collators via on-chain governance to 4 (total 76). This increase would include an additional Orbitor node.

Details - The current active collator set on Moonbeam has seen 5 new entrants (as of this posting), which due to the fixed limit of 72 collator slots has led to 5 collators going out of the active set. This proposal seeks to relieve the current pressure on the active set by increasing the on-chain limit by 4 nodes , (3 plus 1 Orbitor), leading to a total of 76 collators in the active set.

More details on the benefits and drawbacks of the proposal, including alternative options can be found on the link below to the original forum discussion.

Links - Forum discussion on this topic


Big AYE from my side :pray:


In support of this proposal its an AYE over here


Aye on this from me.


Full support from us for this!


This proposal aims to benefit the whole network by

  1. providing stability for delegators (by not dropping collators out causing loss of rewards)
  2. improve decentralization

With OpenGov going live on Moonbeam this needs to be a Root track referendum which requires a 2 Million GLMR decision deposit to succeed.

We hereby kindly ask the Moonbeam Foundation if they could possibly put up the decision deposit if we put this referendum up for voting.


Careful consideration should be given to collator and delegator interests. Community input is essential in determining the best course of action.
Moonriver can implement the increase first, followed by Moonbeam when it can support it effectively through governance.
Foundation should remain neutral and let the community decide.

An aye for me.

More decentralization, I accept the trade-off that this leads to less staking rewards.

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there is no reason to do it in Moonriver (many collators are not full) as already mentioned in the linked discussion, so the idea is to do it only on Moonbeam, afaik, but @Jim_CertHum can confirm, and yes this idea is all comunnity driven


This is correct @jrafaelangarita , and confirmed in this post from the discussion you linked to.

Hey @Jim_CertHum, recently, we’ve been receiving an increasing number of messages from the community about their collator being in a waiting set, and they don’t understand what to do. I’d appreciate it if you could clarify the current status of this proposal and when you plan to submit it for on-chain voting. Thanks in advance!

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I know it might sound selfish and i am sorry for that but as an Orbiter i currently barely keep costs with current number of collators in the set, increasing it would mean lower income and i might start operating at loss, so i am not in favour.

We already had expansions in the past and they brought peace for a few weeks till some other whale come in so i don’t think this would change anything, just delay things a bit.

A solution might be to have a set of community collators willing to exit replacing their slot with an Orbiter one so 4 collators would be running instead of 1.


Hi @turrizt , there’s the 7-day waiting period on a proposal to stay in ‘Idea’ stage, which will expire today. However, this also coincides with the end of the new runtime referendum which brings in OpenGov. The plan is to get the expansion referendum on-chain sometime Monday.

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I share also this opinion :+1:, i would like to add also: i don’t understand why we have some collators with 10k, some with 100, and some with 2m GLMR bonding. Additionally, if we want to contribute to decentralization, we should reduce the barriers and increase the number of nodes, which could result in fewer rewards and a slower network.

I understand your perspective. It seems unfair for newcomers joining with 2 million GLMR. While early nodes played a crucial role in network launch. Creating high barriers for new participants also doesn’t seem right, especially considering their contribution in adding buy pressure.

hey @Lordglmr, I want to clarify your points about the self-bonded. initially, when the network began producing blocks for the first time, the Moonbeam Foundation selected collators with a self-bonded amount of 10k. these collators were funded by the Foundation to kickstart block production and support the network during its early stages before the official launch for public interaction on December 17, 2021.

following the official launch on January 11, 2022, the self-bond requirement for all future collators was increased to 100k GLMR. subsequently, a discussion took place on the forum and an on-chain voting process was conducted to decide on implementing a self-bond requirement of 2M GLMR.

for more details, you can refer to the following links:

  1. [Proposal: 88] Moonbeam On-Chain Remark for Collator Guidelines and Request for Collator Self-Bond Change

  2. https://moonbeam.polkassembly.network/referendum/88


Hi @Lordglmr ,

I don’t think the self bond is really relevant since you need much more than the self bond to become active. I agree it has other disadvantages, but from becoming active, the bigger number is what matters and it’s about 4.5m nowadays

In addition, in $ value those 2m GLMR today worth even less than the 100k GLMR at the beginning (unfortunate situation but it is what it is). I’m sure that the moment GLMR will spike and reach to a decent figures, we can vote to decrease the self bond threshold (but again, the real difficulty is to reach the minimum required to become active and not the self bond)


Yeah thats true actually good point, agreed on this


Link to the on-chain proposal:

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