[Polkadot Ref #139] Moonbeam: Swap Leases with Parachain 3342

This post relates to a governance referendum on the Polkadot Relay Chain to complete Moonbeam’s lease swap with Parachain 3342.

DOT holders can vote for the referendum by following the link below:

I have pasted the content of the proposal here (with a few slight tweaks) as well for convenience:


Moonbeam’s current lease period on the Polkadot network will expire in October 2023. In June 2023, the Moonbeam Foundation successfully secured a new parachain slot on Polkadot covering lease periods 13 through 20.

This proposal on the Polkadot Relay Chain is a necessary step to extending Moonbeam’s Polkadot lease period through June 2025 by executing a “swap” of lease periods.

If the swap is not completed before October 2023, Moonbeam will not occupy an active parachain slot and would stop producing blocks.


The lease for periods 13 through 20 is currently occupied by “Moonelement” with parachain ID 3342, a dummy parachain runtime created by the Moonbeam team.

In order to complete a lease swap between Moonbeam (parachain 2004) and Moonelement (parachain 3342), a “handshake” must be completed whereby both parachains authorize the lease swap.

From the Moonbeam side, Moonbeam OpenGov Referendum 11 is expected to be confirmed in approximately 1 day (September 7, 2023). The passage of this referendum will cause an XCM message to be sent to the Polkadot relay chain calling the registrar.swap extrinsic. This extrinsic will authorize the swap from the Moonbeam side.

To complete the “swap” process, a similar swap authorization will be required to be made on behalf of the Moonelement parachain (ID 3342). The Moonbeam team had planned to start the Moonelement parachain and initiate a similar XCM message to be sent to the relay chain.

Unfortunately, there was a misconfiguration in the genesis head that was submitted along with the WASM when the parachain was initially registered. The Moonbeam technical team has determined that starting Moonelement will not be possible.

For this reason, the Moonbeam Foundation has created Polkadot OpenGov Referendum 139 which, when passed, will execute the registrar.swap extrinsic on behalf of the Moonelement parachain.

Using “Chopsticks”, the Moonbeam team has verified that the parachains will successfully swap leases once both the Moonbeam and Polkadot governance motions are passed and executed.

Once the parachains swap leases, the Moonbeam Network will be able to continue operation without interruption for the remainder of the full lease period (approximately 96 weeks from August 1, 2023).



to all Moonbeam community members and DOT token holders, let’s cast our votes to guarantee Moonbeam’s smooth journey forward without interruptions :pray:

well, these are things that can happen, it would be good if it was published through the official channels to give it more visibility :raised_hands:

I will vote with my DOT of course :raised_hands:

I commend the Moonbeam Foundation for addressing this critical issue well in advance. Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of Moonbeam on the Polkadot network is paramount. Will Strongly encourage Moonbeam Members to cast their votes in favour of the Guarantee of the Sustainability of the Moonbeam Ecosystem


CertHum’s used its DOT reserves to vote in favor of this Polkadot proposal, with conviction.


I am happy to report that Polkadot Referendum #139 has been executed and Moonbeam’s parachain lease has been extended through to June 2025!


Wohooooo :rocket:
I am super certain that this was the last-ever parachain lease swap :fire:
Won’t be sad, won’t look back.

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Yes, coretime will make everything much easier going forward.