[Proposal: MB11] Proposal to Swap Lease Slots with Parachain ID 3342

Abstract - Moonbeam’s current lease period on the Polkadot network will expire in October, 2023. In June, 2023, The Moonbeam Foundation successfully secured a new parachain slot for Moonbeam on Polkadot covering lease periods 13 through 20.

This proposal is a necessary step in order to extend Moonbeam’s Polkadot’s lease period through June, 2025 by executing a “swap” of lease periods.

If the swap is not completed before October, 2023, Moonbeam will not occupy an active parachain slot and would stop producing blocks.

Details - Passing this referendum will cause an XCM message to be sent to the Polkadot relay chain calling the registrar.swap extrinsic. This extrinsic will authorize a swap of lease slots between Moonbeam (Parachain with ID 2004) and Parachain with ID 3342 (the Parachain which currently occupies the lease slot won via auction in June 2023).

To complete the “swap” process, a similar swap authorization will need to be initiated from Parachain with ID 3342 via governance following the passage of this referendum.

Once the parachain is “swapped” to the new slot, the Moonbeam Network will be able to continue operation without interruption for the remainder of the full lease period (approximately 96 weeks from August 1, 2023).

The result of this referendum was successfully tested using the Chopsticks framework including the verification of the pending swap on the Relay chain.

Parachain Lease Extension (Polkadot Wiki)

Moonbeam Parachain Slot Auction Announcement


definitely, I’m in favor of this proposal!

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I dont think you will find many that will say No to this :wink:


Haha, yeah, I would certainly hope that’s the case.


Ayee of course, nothing more to say jaja

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let’s go, captain :rocket: swap it like it’s hot :fire:


Link to on chain ref: Moonbeam Dapps

Aye aye, let’s do this!


Welcome back to the forum, @kevin :saluting_face:

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After much consideration, definitely support this.

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+1 of support from my side. :rocket:

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I fully support this purposal

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Aye!!! You have my support !

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To complete the “swap” process, a similar swap authorization is required to be made on behalf of the Moonelement parachain (ID 3342). The Moonbeam team had planned to start the Moonelement parachain and initiate a similar XCM message to be sent to the relay chain.

Unfortunately, there was a misconfiguration in the genesis head that was submitted along with the WASM when the parachain was initially registered. The Moonbeam technical team has determined that starting Moonelement will not be possible.

For this reason, the Moonbeam Foundation has created Polkadot OpenGov Referendum 139 which, when passed, will execute the registrar.swap extrinsic on behalf of the Moonelement parachain.

See forum post here: