My application for the vacant spot in the Interim Grants Program

Hello, community,

My name is Ismael Bautista, I have been part of the Moonriver and Moonbeam community since mid-2021, some of you will know me from the Discord channel mainly in the builders and hackathon channels discussing about Solidity and helping people that ask questions about smart contracts and other topics related to the EVM side of Moonbeam. I’m writing this post to present myself for the vacant spot as a Non-Foundation member of the Community Grants committee.

My background on Moonbeam

I started being interested in Moonbeam as it was one of the easiest ways to be introduced into the Polkadot ecosystem. Thanks to all the tools compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem I was able to improve as a developer while learning more about Polkadot and Ethereum at the same time. Apart from this, I’m also interested in cross-chain communication, and I hope I can keep using Moonbeam to learn about this too thanks to Moonbeam’s connected contracts.

My contributions

  • 1st prize in the Moonriver Grant Hackathon organized at Dorahacks on the category NFT Collection Showcase DApp with the project Mooncase. Mooncase is a DApp to search for any NFT collection address on Moonriver and allows you to assign a name to any NFT on-chain and generate a URI to share the NFT with your friends.

  • 1st prize in the Moonbeam’s Connected Contracts hackathon in the category Arrington Capital Moonbase with the project Demooncracy. Demooncracy is a DApp trying to imitate Polkassembly.

  • Pull request to add Moonbeam, Moonriver, and MoonbaseAlpha to, making the community able to use the 3 mentioned blockchains with open-source libraries from the Ethereum ecosystem like, Web3Modal, or ConnectKit.

About me

Outside of Moonbeam and more personally, I am a 28-year-old computer engineer and software developer based in Barcelona, Spain. My developer skills are most focused on Smart Contracts and Web development and my top programming languages are Typescript and Solidity.

Why do I think I am a good candidate for the Committee?

I have been in Moonbeam for some time, and I have a good knowledge of Moonbeam’s technology and governance, although if I’m not proficient in Substrate I make up for it with my knowledge of Ethereum and its tools. I’m also well-known in the discord community for being active and trying to help anyone with troubles with Smart Contracts or any Ethereum-related doubt in the community. I’m very passionate about blockchain technology and the research and development of new cutting-edge technology and my passion would be a good fit for this role in addition to my technical background in the blockchain ecosystem.


Hey, isma!

I would like to take a moment to express my admiration for Ismael’s decision to put forward his candidacy for the vacant spot in the Interim Grant Program. As a member of the Moonriver & Moonbeam community, Ismael has been actively interacting and helping others with various technical issues for a considerable period of time, making valuable contributions as a developer. Therefore, I believe that Ismael is an extremely suitable candidate for the role of a committee member.

Ismael’s technical knowledge and expertise in Solidity and web development make him a valuable addition to the team. Furthermore, his recent achievements, such as winning the Moonriver Grant Hackathon and Moonbeam’s Connected Contracts hackathon, demonstrate his ability to deliver high-quality work.

Overall, I wholeheartedly support Ismael’s candidacy for the role of a committee member. I am confident that he will make a great contribution to the team, and his technical knowledge will be invaluable in helping the committee perform its work more effectively


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