Grant Committee Candidacy

Ismael Bautista

Central European Summer Time

English Language proficiency:

Committee Position:
Technical Expert


  • Previous elected Non Foundation grant committee member

    As a current Grant Committee member, I have gained some experience to be elected again, as I am already familiar on how the committee works

  • General technical expertise

    From an academic side, I am a graduated Computer engineer by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya , an online university from Spain. From a business side, I’ve been working for 7 years as Software Developer and as IT expert on a big Agribusiness company, this gave me the experience to deal with several kinds of technologies and programming languages that and how non technical people perceive and use the technology. I’ve been also freelancing as a software developer, mainly doing web development and some smart contract logic audits for the past 2 years.

  • Blockchain development expertise

    I have been exploring blockchain technology for the past 2 years , mostly focused on bridging the technology to the end users, learning how the technology works and building frontends to make the technology more accessible to the crowd. I had the opportunity to demonstrate my passion for coding and for this technology on the Moonriver Grant Hackathon and Moonbeam’s Connected Contracts hackathons, winning a 1st prize on both of them.


My comfort zone are the GitHub repositories for each project and the builders channel on Moonbeam’s discord , where I answer most of the EVM related questions that I find :slightly_smiling_face: . Apart from this I always try to help Moonbeam in whatever it’s possible, related to coding (feat(chains): add moonbeam, moonriver and moonbaseAlpha by ismaventuras · Pull Request #104 · wagmi-dev/references · GitHub) or related to spread the good Moonbeam word across the web3 world (Me on the Moonbeam stand @ ETH Barcelona).

Code of Conduct:
I will commit to uphold the code of conduct.

As a committee member over the past 6 months I had to remain impartial on my decisions and arguments on the committee, even that I have my own point of view I always remained impartial on my decisions. As an IT and Software expert involved in projects on my day job, I have to deal with different parties inside the organization that aims to have their job done and I have to remain impartial and always seek for what’s better for the company and not for any of the involved parties in particular. In addition to my experience, my personality is approachable and allows me to deal with different types of people, allowing me to understand both sides of the coin when taking a decision.

Since I joined Moonriver and later Moonbeam I have always felt that I’ve been part of an incredible community. Winning a first prize twice was something that helped me a lot personally and boosted my motivation to keep improving my technical skills, for me (coding is love ) and to contribute to the community that had motivated me to continue improving. But to be a good developer, not only are technical skills necessary, but it is also necessary to have knowledge about how technologies are applied in the real world and, even more importantly, how to add value to the world with that technology.

For these reasons I applied as a committee member in the previous election. Over the last half year on the committee I have not only refined my technical skills but I have learned a lot from the rest of the committee members and grant applicants. Some of them taught me things I didn’t know, and others helped me understand better what I thought I knew.

My original motivation is still strong, and now, with the experience I’ve gained, I believe I can even become more valuable to the community this time. Today, I want to apply to be a Technical Expert

Conflicts of interest:
I have no potential conflicts of interests.

More than 10 hours per week, 3 daily hours, can be more on weekends.

Supporting information:


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