Grant Committee Candidacy - Neo

Name: Neo

Timezone: CE[S]T (Central European [Summer] Time)

English Language proficiency: ILR 4 (TOEFL score of 96)


Side note as I have now seen it in a couple of posts: the standard grading scale for language proficiency is not called ‘IRL’ but ‘ILR’, maybe some have written the wrong one because we use IRL in crypto too often :wink:

Committee Position: Business Expert


My capabilities and expertise position me as a perfect candidate for the part of a Business Expert in the Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee. I hold a degree in Business Administration and English, which has given me with a comprehensive understanding of business standards and viable communication abilities. Be that as it may, it was my residency as a reviewer at Ernst & Young that has prepared me with the skill vital to exceed expectations in this position.

Amid my time at Ernst & Young, I sharpened my abilities in assessing financial execution, market positioning, competitive advantage, venture group composition, and development potential. As an auditor, my duties amplified past conventional budgetary investigation. I dove into the complexities of budgetary explanations, conducting in-depth examinations, and giving important insights to clients over a range of businesses. This part requested a professional behavior, consideration to detail, and the capacity to reveal and evaluate risks and opportunities inside organizations.

One of the main things I learned at Ernst & Young was how to work with businesses, from new businesses with innovative ideas to businesses with complicated structures. These differences honed my flexibility and analytical ability, permitting me to explore and assess a wide cluster of business organization models, procedures, and monetary areas.

Within the setting of the Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee, these abilities are specifically transferable and profitable. My capacity to survey finance related information and execution measurements guarantees that recommendations are thoroughly assessed for their financial practicability and maintainability. The key significance and potential effect of proposed projects inside the Moonbeam ecosystem are prepared by my understanding of market dynamics, competitive analysis, and development potential.


As a participant in the Moonbeam Take Flight event, I have witnessed the evolution of the Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystems firsthand. I have adopted an experimental, hands-on approach, actively investigating a broad variety of dApps, DEXs, and blockchain-based gaming. I now have a comprehensive understanding of their growth and operation as a result of this direct experience.

My involvement in the Moonbeam ecosystem also includes being a member of the TFA DAO, a passionate and community-driven OG group within the Moonbeam community. As an active collator on both Moonbeam and Moonriver networks, they have been part of the network’s infrastructure, contributing to its stability and growth.

The Nomad bridge misuse was an agonizing lesson for me to memorize the difficult way. It cemented my devotion to Moonbeam’s security and soundness and persuaded me to back community-oriented governance topics like registering assets xcUSDT and xcUSDC.

My career path has brought me from an auditor at Ernst & Young to a position with a cryptocurrency company, and it has coincided with my participation in community activities. Here, I have effectively utilized my financial aptitude and in-depth industry knowledge to pave the way for the crypto industry’s development and success.

Participation in numerous DAOs demonstrates my commitment to the extensively researched disciplines of DeFi and NFTs. I co-founded a podcast in German with the sole reason of teaching the German-speaking community around crypto. Our primary objective is to make cryptocurrency accessible to as many people as possible. To this end, we intend to produce episodes that make learning and using crypto as simple as possible. We have dedicated entire episodes of our podcast to discussing the Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystems. These episodes feature interviews with notable individuals such as Yaron, the German ambassador for Moonbeam. We’ve also covered updates in Moonbeam and Moonriver, making these developments accessible to a wider audience.

Beyond this, I’ve contributed as a translator, proofreader, and contributor to WagMedia’s German unit, and I have served as the director of the Russian unit, where I moderated channels and distributed rewards. I have been in the crypto space since the bull run in 2017, where I began experimenting with cryptocurrencies, and during my academic career, I penned a thesis on Bitcoin’s potential as an alternative currency.

Code of Conduct:

I take great pride in the fact that I am completely committed to upholding Moonbeam’s Code of Conduct. I have demonstrated my comprehension of these principles by acting in accordance with them throughout my time in the community. Likewise, I have not only adhered to these guidelines myself, but I have actively encouraged other forum members to do so as well, e.g. see here and here. The mission of the Moonbeam community is to provide an environment where all members may participate actively and constructively by nurturing an atmosphere of respect, openness, and professionalism.


My experience as an auditor at Ernst & Young has saturated in me a commitment to unbiasedness and objectivity, crucial qualities for a Committee member. As an auditor, I was blessed with the commitment of giving unbiased analyses. With my unbiased capacity to approach circumstances, I can undoubtedly ensure that proposals are surveyed only based on facts and key figures rather than personal preferences. This fact has been showcased already in the Moonbeam forum, where I revealed the truth by investigating the accusations and pointing out the facts that were given to me, e.g. see here and here.


I’m applying as a Business Expert to the Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee because I’m so enraptured with the Moonbeam ecosystem that I want to do everything in my power to help it flourish and expand. I am a devoted supporter of the Moonbeam community’s efforts, and I saw this position as an opportunity to play a larger role in molding the organization’s future.

The innovative concepts and passionate communities that characterize Moonbeam are inspiring. I think Moonbeam has the ability to lead the blockchain sector to a revolution, which is why I want to see it succeed.

Furthermore, I think that I have an advantage over others when it comes to making unbiased, well-informed judgments that will benefit the greater Moonbeam community because of my knowledge, abilities, and experiences. It gives me great pleasure to be able to choose and endorse initiatives that advance Moonbeam’s main goal and ensure the ecosystem’s long-term viability and expansion. I firmly feel that this role allows me to significantly contribute to the ongoing success of the Moonbeam community, to which I am committed.

Conflicts of interest:

While on the Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee, I pledge to uphold full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest. I am steadfastly committed to impartiality, but I also understand that it’s important to acknowledge these possible conflicts.

As a participant in the Moonbeam ecosystem and diverse Moonbeam-related activities, I may have personal connections or affiliations with community members or initiatives. Although I am committed to objectively evaluating proposals, I will remain vigilant to ensure that these connections do not influence my decision-making.

I commit to being absolutely honest and open-minded at all times. Consequently, I promise to be transparent about any possible conflicts of interest and work quickly to address them, prioritizing the best interests of the Moonbeam community and ecosystem above all else.


I’m committed to dedicating a minimum of 10 hours per week to the committee. My flexible schedule allows me to attend regular meetings without any restrictions.

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