Grant Committee Candidacy - Andrii Stanko

  • Name: Andrii Stanko (ExtezyMr)
  • Timezone:
    EEST — Eastern European Summer Time
  • English Language proficiency: IRL3
  • Committee Position: Ecosystem expert
  • Qualifications:
    Divide into 2 parts, before crypto and after:
  1. In my 18y.o. from 2013 to 2017 Worked in consulting and marketing for selling building materials and studied at the university. My duties were to increase sales and adapt different processes.
    From 2017-2021 Worked in sales and marketing for JDE Ukraine.My duties included collecting sales, online and offline, attracting new markets, also compliance with merchandising and execution of sales fees for the entire team.
    2.In 2021, I got acquainted with crypto and studied and got acquainted with it for half a year. At that time, I applied to Moonbeam Ambassador Program, and thanks to my perseverance and desire, in half a year without knowledge in cryptocurrency, I became Senior Ambassador.From 2021 freelance on crypto. Вuring this time, I provided Community Manager services for such projects as Across Bridge, Zeсrey Protocol, Aptos, Leech Protocol, and others.
  • Background: Over the course of 2 years together with Moombeam, as I wrote, without knowing it, I reached the Senior level in half a year, during this period I organized or co-organized more than 20 events and challenges, helped develop the Ukrainian community, was in charge of translations into Ukrainian, and many other things.
    I have participated in many important governance proposals on both Moonbeam and Moonriver, and I still try to contribute my ideas and develop Moonbeam.
  • Code of Conduct: I am in good standing in the community and commit to upholding the code of conduct.
  • Experience: Throughout my life, in all the positions I held, I did everything to ensure that the company I work for got the best result, regardless of my own beliefs.
    Also with Moonbeam, I guarantee that I will not put my beliefs, but I will be in solidarity with the direction of the project and I will help in this
  • Motivation: I will try to be brief, thanks to Moonbeam I got acquainted with crypto and got my feet on the crypto path, so my motivation to help this project is that I have a lot of ideas and am ready to learn hard as I did and am doing now.
    So maybe there are more experienced candidates for these positions, but I am young, ambitious, motivated, ready to learn, and most importantly, I have always been and am a team player.I also want to develop in Moonbeam and make a greater contribution to development.
  • Conflicts of interest: I have no potential conflicts of interests.
  • Availability: I can devote to this full time, or as much as needed, more than 15 hours a week, also on weekends
  • Supporting information: I have already submitted my application before - link, but I hope you will find a place for a young and progressive person like me
    Thank you <3

hi @extezymr, thank you for applying.

In your post you indicate that you are applying for both the Ecosystem expert and Business expert position. Please specify 1 and only 1 position; ideally the one for which you feel you are best suited. This is out of fairness to other candidates who only applied to 1 position.

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Changing to ecosystem expert, i’ll be more productive on this role, thanks for ping me up:)

got it, thanks @extezymr

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