Application for Committee Member/Assistant

Hi :wave:, my name is Andrii, iā€™m from Ukraine, i hope you all already know me.
Before crypto, I worked in the management and sales department of a private corporation. However, I wanted to develop in a more technical direction, because I had a technical education and I liked it.
Thanks to my best friend, I got acquainted with crypto, and after 2 months I was already an Ambassador in Moonbeam, in these almost 2 years we all flew together a lot, I did a lot for Moonbeam, so I got the role of Senior after 6Month(I would do it faster if i have more experience :smiley: )

During these 2 years, I interacted with more than 100 projects to which I provided my consulting or other contributions.
Also, I was lucky to interact with a small VC fund in which I helped with the research of projects at an early stage. Thanks to Moonbearm i was able to realize myself and find my strengths.
All last year I was more focused on organizing events, so we organized different types, which also requires imagination skills and an understanding of relevance.
Despite Moonbeam, I learned a lot and got to know new things, so I have knowledge and experience in different areas such as NFT, Defi, Gaming, etc., with different mechanics and strategies, so from experience I can be useful in all these areas, also I am known in many crosschain projects, which would possibly help in the integration of their ecosystems into Moonbeam/Moonriver.

I would like to join the Interim Grants Program team, and if there is such an opportunity. With my skills, experience iā€™d for sure useful for IGP team. I understand Moonbeam and its direction very well and ready to learn and work fruitfully so I will be able to make a good contribution to the development of the ecosystem.

There is a discussion about a new Interim Grant Program, so if it is still possible I would like to be added to the Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee Member team, or at least as an assistant.
If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be glad to see them.
Thank you. :purple_heart: