Delegation Report - marin

  • Delegate Name: marin
  • Delegate ID: Moonbeam
  • Delegation Address: 0x7fAA961AD37236372d9b5be3d3a0Bf0797048eB7 / mar1dev.eth

:wave: Hello everyone, my name is Marin, but you can also call me @mar1dev!
I’ve been active since the early days of Moonbeam as a co-founder of the GLMR APES DAO & later became The Great Escape CTO.

I’m genuinely passionate about everything related to Moonbeam.

I think I have a good technical understanding of Moonbeam’s technical stack because I’ve been building (and continue to do so) on this chain every day since its launch.
I previously won a 1st place bounty by Moonbeam during the Polkadot Hackaton, Europe Edition, for building a cross-chain dApp.
I also took part in the Moonbeam Accelerator with The Great Escape, the first game deployed on this blockchain.
More recently, I’ve also joined the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program as I’m currently learning intensively about Rust & Polkadot SDK.

I’d like to become a Community Delegate because I firmly believe in decentralized governance and in Moonbeam’s vision. Also, I do think I have a good knowledge of this ecosystem, generally and technically speaking, that’s why I’m writing this post today.

I try to always express my views in kind and polite ways and I obviously agree with the community Delegate Code of Conduct.

Date: 08.09.2023