Zoombies | PINK allocation request [APPROVED]

  • Company Name: Cardinal Entertainment

  • Lead applicant: Ryan Price, contactus@zoombies.world

  • Metrics planning to improve:
    Users :
    38,804 ZOOM wallets → Aim to onboard another 1,000 new users from other ecosystems, including outside DOT
    TX: Zoom Token 42K currently. We think the demand, from users bridging their already airdropped ZOOM tokens could drive up to 120K+

  • Strategy to improve:
    Deepen GameFi utility in the Dot/Moonbeam ecosystems with our unique Web2.5 low friction onboarding.
    Promote $PINK branded ChipZ tournaments in the Bonez game, with $PINK token as the prize purses dropped directly to player wallets. Players are required to purchase/transfer tokens from/to Moonbeam as GLMR, ZOOM and other supported tokens TBA, driving new users and TX volume.
    Issue a unique Soulbound $PINK Bonez POAP NFT for tournament participants
    Issue a Press Release

  • Timeline:
    4 weeks. With 1 tournament per week

  • Token allocation/distribution plan:
    4 tournaments with 3 places for a total of 12 payouts.

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Hey there,

thanks for the application! This should definitely help you guys in getting new users into your game.

One thing I am wondering is if you are going to dive a little bit into the theme of PINK as well, or if you only plan to have the token as price pools. I feel like games are in the unique position of giving a meme token like PINK some story and bind it into their game. Maybe special PINK themed cards? The playing board being PINK themed etc.

Thanks in advance!


hey @ryan_zoombies.world, first of all, thank you for your proposal!

I have a few questions, simply to ensure more transparency:

could you elaborate on your strategies for attracting new users to register and play?

how will the process of calculating and distributing rewards be transparent and verifiable? what mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of this process?

what steps will you take to help new players who are unfamiliar with Zoombies, particularly in learning how to mint and start playing? do you have any specific guides prepared for them?

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I am repeating this question to all teams. Zoombies:

Although not mandated by the initial post for submissions, would you be willing to put up a follow-up after distribution such as unique wallets, brief review of impact including any metrics, recommendations for improvement?

I think this could be useful data for the community in the event something like this happens again.

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Thank you.
We already have on our roadmap “Themed tournaments” that hosts will be able to skin for their campaigns, so this idea fits right in, and will be turnkey in about 4 weeks.

The “Month of $Pink” would see the existing Bonez system themed.

  • Custom $PINK themed Bonez POAP Soulbound NFTs minted for participants would be easy to spin up
  • Themed table BG and card backs ( based on the current table )

  • Tournament schedule, leaderboards and Prize ( past concept for example)

Thank you.
For sure, transparency and fairness are integral for us over the last 4+ years building up trust in this

  1. Strategies to attract new users, through a campaign launch announcement:
    Beyond our regular social channels, Youtube, Twitter, Discord, we will issue a Press release, and email market the growing Bonez email database of users ( a growing portion are web2 and non-moonbeam EVM users )

  2. Transparent and verifiable:
    The data is verifiable at every step, from contracts to database and indexer.
    If there are any specific requests by your review team, let us know.

    Game ledger feeds the leaderboards

  3. Instructions for new players:
    In addition to written guides, we provide video tutorials, and will create a $PINK specific ones.
    For example https://youtube.com/shorts/8tfXsK_hk84?si=bIxwrLz0M6YUrvJJ

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Yes for sure, Especially if we can identify these KP metrics ahead of time as a group, we can ensure they are in place and report back upon campaign close.

A suggestion that could be facilitated by your team for these campaigns (including LGF) are invites to a PAC. I have served our local College Program Advisory Committee( industry advice to profs ) for a number of years here.

It’s been a great experience to hear your peers/competition share, struggles, wins, current pain points, initiatives, as well as be in direction discussion with the people that can impact change. They are usually just an invite to a zoom call, every so often as they re-evaluate targets.

May I edit our initial proposal and add :

  • $PINK Bonez POAP NFT for tournament participants
  • Campaign Announcement Press Release


i have changed your level on the forum. you can try editing your proposal now

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After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users / transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved.


Thank you, we look forward to it
Let’s go $PINK !


congrats @ryan_zoombies.world ! looking forward to your $Pink integration!

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