XCM Disclosure: Turing Network

Network Information:

Turing Network is a Kusama parachain with a primary focus on developing on-chain automation functionality. Its objective is to enable automated EVM executions on Moonriver through XCM remote execution. The team’s overarching goal is to establish themselves as the web3 equivalent of Stripe by serving as the core infrastructure for payments and DeFi in the web3 ecosystem.

Q1: Is the Blockchain Code Open-Source (and include Github link)?:
If parts of the code are not open source: please provide information on why not

  • A1: Yes! Our code is open source and we encourge community developers to contribute at OAK-blockchain Github.

Q2: Is Sudo-enabled on the Network? If Sudo is disabled, is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses?

  • A2: No, Turing Network doesn’t have a Sudo pallet and is governed by the Democracy pallet.

Q3: Is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses (<50 addresses)?

Q4: Have you completed full testing of this integration in Moonbase Alpha?

  • A4: Yes, we have conducted comprehensive tests on our Moonbase Turing parachain (paraId: 2114) with Moonbase Alpha. We also built E2E test cases across the environment of Dev, Moonbase and Moonriver.

Q5: (For Moonbeam XCM/HRMP Proposals Only) Does your network have a Kusama deployment? If yes, please provide Network name and whether your Kusama deployment is integrated with Moonriver

  • A5: N/A, since this is Moonriver proposal.

Q6: Is your blockchain code Audited? If yes, please provide: i. the name of Auditors, ii. dates of audit reports and, if available, links to audit reports.

Thank you for reading, and we’d love your support!