XCM Disclosure: Interlay Network

XCM Disclosure: Interlay Network

Network Information:

Interlay is a decentralized platform empowering Bitcoin with smart contracts, DeFi, and Web3 functionalities. It features a core layer providing a decentralized BTC bridge and customizable custody system, coupled with a modular application layer hosting native DEX, lending, oracle, and multi-chain bridging services. All this is encapsulated in a robust smart contract layer, supporting both EVM and Rust programming languages.

Q1: Is the Blockchain Code Open-Source (and include Github link)?:
If parts of the code are not open source: please provide information on why not

Q2: Is Sudo-enabled on the Network? If Sudo is disabled, is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses?

  • A2:
    Yes, sudo is disabled. The sudo pallet is present but the key is not set.

Q3: Is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses (<50 addresses)?

  • A3:
    It isn’t - we don’t have a council and anyone can particpate in governance

Q4: Have you completed full testing of this integration in Moonbase Alpha?

  • A4:
    Yes, integration has been tested on Moonbase Alpha.

Q5: (For Moonbeam XCM/HRMP Proposals Only) Does your network have a Kusama deployment? If yes, please provide Network name and whether your Kusama deployment is integrated with Moonriver

Q6: Is your blockchain code Audited? If yes, please provide: i. the name of Auditors, ii. dates of audit reports and, if available, links to audit reports.

Thank you for reading.