XCM Disclosure: Darwinia

XCM Disclosure: Darwinia

Network Information:

Darwinia is a cross-chain programmable network that provides two essential solutions: Darwinia Chain and Darwinia Msgport. Darwinia Chain is a smart contract platform compatible with the EVM and shares the security of Polkadot. On the other hand, Darwinia Msgport acts as a crucial infrastructure enabling Dapps to seamlessly communicate and exchange messages across different blockchain networks, facilitating efficient interchain operations.

Q1: Is the Blockchain Code Open-Source (and include Github link)?

Q2: Is Sudo-enabled on the Network? If Sudo is disabled, is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses?

  • A2: Sudo is disabled for both Darwinia Chain and Crab Chain(The canary network of Darwinia Chain deployed on Kusama). All changes to the protocol must pass through public referendums.

Q3: Is the Network controlled by a select group of addresses (<50 addresses)?

  • A3: No.

Q4: Have you completed full testing of this integration in Moonbase Alpha?

  • A4: Yes, integration has been tested on Moonbase Alpha.

Q5: (For Moonbeam XCM/HRMP Proposals Only) Does your network have a Kusama deployment?

  • A5: Yes, we have a canary network on Kusama, called Crab Chain. And Crab Chain is connected with Moonriver through the HRMP Channel.

Q6: Is your blockchain code Audited?

  • A6: We have conducted a significant amount of internal auditing work at our current stage. Although we don’t have an external auditing report, we have implemented an ongoing auditing process. Meanwhile, as a parachain of Polkadot, Darwinia Chain has adopted numerous public pallets that have already undergone auditing.

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