xcDOT withdraw failed

Help me, xcDOT withdraw failed
I have a xcDOT withdrawal transaction failed, xcDOT is locked on the relaychain
The reason for the failure is that I filled in the wrong polkadot address format
my evm address: 0x93e6A91734D50BA4E55CE9f45e0a01593e506A41
my correct polkadot address: 13MVvcCHV3q8bE4Pmuoo8yp8yQFQtZk6e5FTSQZcChENCbf1


Hey, @AlbertoV19 @kevin could you please clarify if we can help in this case?

Hey mate, @GG-ComingChat-OmniBT I responded in the #moonbeam-tech-support channel on Discord.

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