Why we love moonbeam?

really take care of early supporter. i was thrown from Hashflow. They were taken 140K token due to didn’t claim on time . we spent so much gas fee to be earned NFT and supported. many people had lost their token same reason.

i respect moonbeam and why i am still here you are the best web3


Hey, jrlee2445! it’s nice to see your enthusiasm about Moonbeam. as a community, we are always looking for ways to promote and educate others about our exciting project. one way to channel your passion is to become a Moonbeam Ambassador.

Ambassadors help spread the word about Moonbeam by creating content, participating in events and interacting with the community. this can be a useful experience and an opportunity to communicate with other like-minded people.

If you are interested, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Moonbeam Ambassador program, together we can help make Moonbeam more accessible and widespread :purple_heart:


Great energy, and I agree with your post, I see Moonbeam as a chance to mend the mistakes in the design of Ethereum that led to the current problems.


wow!! thank you very much
i would like to do it
much appreciate that