Web3Go team has published the weekly data for Moonbeam Network

Based on Web3Go’s streaming data infrastructure, the Web3Go team has published the first weekly data for Moonbeam Network.

We will do it regularly in the future.

Welcome any feedback so we can improve it.



Hey, Hao. thanks for sharing!

Could you please explain how the WAU and DAU metrics are calculated? specifically, I am interested in understanding what actions need to be performed in order for the account to be considered unique / active?

Thank you in advance for your explanation :slight_smile:

hi turrizt,

The number in DAU and WAU is the unique address, which means the deduplication has been conducted.
When an address has made any interactions with any smart contract on the Moonbeam network, which will be included.


This is great Hao, thanks for sharing.

Maybe in the future we can provide more relevant info like # of XCM calls or cross-chain calls :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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where we can access easily to this info, and dashboard? @hao_ding


all the staking dashboard has been moved to : https://cumulon.cloud/#/home

and the public Dashboards, top dapps, users per dapp etc?

they are moved here: https://analytix.web3go.xyz/layout/home the latest version

Thank you @hao_ding, for the report!
Is there a way to check how much users spend using dApps on Moonbeam? For example, NFT volume sales, etc.

hey sir, can you guide me how i go to this link?

if i google web3go, go to the home page , redirect me to the old site, and the first result is something that asks to connect the wallet

the same for this please

sorry for late response:
for Moonbeam: Analytix

for Moonriver: Analytix

sorry for late response:
for Moonbeam: Analytix

for Moonriver: Analytix

hey hao, could you please include in the Moonbeam / Moonriver transactions overview the total number of tokens burned as gas fees? this info would be greatly appreciated

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