TrustSwap Grant Proposal (Team Finance and The Crypto App)

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NOTE: This proposal is now live on Polkassembly and open for public comment at

1. Abstract

TrustSwap is a multichain digital asset ecosystem focused on making crypto safer and more accessible for the average person. Our diverse suite of tools and services synergize to support blockchain innovation by aligning interests and incentives between builders, investors, and communities.

The TrustSwap Ecosystem is comprised of:

Team Finance - Our premier smart contract toolkit is designed for builders and includes:

  • Mint Token Generator - Easily customize and mint your own fully-audited token contracts with no coding experience needed.
  • Team Token & Liquidity Locks - Time-lock your Team and Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to show your commitment to the community.
  • Vesting and Staking Contracts - Distribute tokens to your community and early investors with time-release token vesting and staking contract solutions.

The Crypto App - Our most recent acquisition is one of the world’s most popular crypto mobile apps with over 4 million downloads. It includes portfolio tracking, news, alerts, and widgets with many more features coming soon.

TrustSwap Launchpad - This exclusive launchpad and incubation program is reserved for exceptional projects that are hand-selected by our team of experts and advisors.

Swappable - A premium B2B NFT service working with artists, institutions, and businesses to help them expand into the Web3 world.

SmartSwaps - Our flagship service is a decentralized P2P/OTC escrow solution that allows any two people in the world to exchange digital assets securely.

Proposed Integration

This Moonbeam Ecosystem Grant Proposal is submitted specifically with the intent to implement the technical integration of Team Finance, Trustswap’s industry-leading smart contract toolkit, into the Moonbeam ecosystem and to provide support for projects launching on the Moonbeam Network. This includes all smart contract services currently available on the platform (Token Minting, Locking, Vesting, and Staking) and potentially any features which may be added in the future.

  • Team Finance services can help foster trust between project teams and communities to support long-term sustainable growth.
  • Team Finance has held more than $6 billion USD in Total Value Locked (TVL) and has been used by over 30,000 projects.

In addition to this, TrustSwap is prepared to include the following additional bonus benefits via integration with The Crypto App.

  • Integration of Moonbeam and Moonriver networks into our portfolio tracker platform (including tokens on these networks).
  • Integration of regular publications (newsletters, blog posts, announcements, etc.) into our News section with the possibility of premium placement.
  • Additional features such as in-app trading, staking, and more will be coming soon to The Crypto App and these may be extended to Moonbeam as well.

2. Motivation

TrustSwap is on a mission to help bring crypto to the world by building useful tools and critical infrastructure that the industry needs to thrive. As a multichain service provider, we appreciate that Moonbeam is a next-generation blockchain that shares the same values regarding security, transparency, and stability. The ecosystem that Moonbeam is building is very promising and tools such as our Mint, token locks, and vesting services will help upcoming Moonbeam projects get off to a great start. Trust and transparency are essential within DeFi and our decentralized services help create a strong foundation so teams can build and grow with confidence. Our goal is to build secure, affordable, user-friendly services to support the global adoption of blockchain technology. We currently offer these services across several supported blockchains and are excited for the opportunity to offer them to the growing Moonbeam community.

3. Project Overview and Team Experience

The Team Finance platform offers simple solutions to create, secure, and distribute tokens with publicly verifiable on-chain data that the community can check to ensure accountability. By using our services, projects can avoid some of the most common attack vectors in crypto and show that they are dedicated to preventing exploits, exit scams, and rug-pulls.


This proposal includes the implementation of the following 5 services on the Moonbeam Network:

  1. Token Generation (Minting) - By using Mint, anyone can easily generate customizable, fully-audited tokens without any coding experience. This can save thousands of dollars compared to hiring blockchain developers and third-party auditing firms.
  2. Team Token Locks - Lock up team tokens that release over a pre-set duration to ensure a transparent and fair token release schedule. Using this feature can protect token holders from Exit Scams and shows a commitment by the founders that they are focused on long-term growth.
  3. Liquidity Token Locks - Locking Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens can ensure that the team will not “Rug-pull” by removing the liquidity from decentralized exchanges. This is, unfortunately, a very common type of scam that can now be mitigated thanks to Team Finance.
  4. Vesting Contracts - Create vesting contracts so tokens can be distributed over time based on a pre-set schedule. Vested tokens are released in hourly increments and are claimable at any time. This system can help spread out potential sell pressure and reduce market manipulation as tokens are released unpredictably instead of all at once or in large tranches.
  5. Staking Pools - Create customized staking pools where users can stake tokens and receive rewards. Our staking service is easy to set up and fully audited.

The proposal also includes integration into The Crypto App, one of the most popular mobile apps for crypto users. This integration will include

  • Support for Moonbeam and Moonriver within the Portfolio Tracker (including all tokens on these networks)
  • Sharing official Moonbeam publications and announcements in the News section of the app with potential premium placement


The TrustSwap team is comprised of a Core Team of experienced executives and expert advisors as well as over 70 employees working on everything from design and development to marketing, operations, and community support.

TrustSwap team members supporting the Moonbeam integration project will include the following.


  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Sr System Architect for Liquidity Locks analysis
  • 1 Front End Developer
  • 1 Sr Back End Developer
  • 1 Sr Blockchain Developer
  • 2 QA specialists

Social Media & Marketing:

  • 1 Marketing Manager
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Copywriter
  • 1 Social Media Graphic Designer

More information about the team leadership and business structure can be found on our website and LinkedIn.

4. Rationale

If approved, this grant will add value to the Moonbeam ecosystem by offering a suite of useful tools designed to make it easy for anyone to securely mint new tokens, create time locks for team/liquidity tokens, and create staking pools and vesting contracts that ensure fair and transparent distribution. These tools can give new projects and their communities the confidence they need to start strong and keep momentum as they grow during the crucial early stages of development.

Moonbeam projects will also enjoy additional market exposure as projects that lock with Team Finance are listed on our public roster of token locks. They may also be considered for the TrustSwap Launchpad if they are interested in applying for this exclusive service.

Additionally, Moonbeam announcements and promotional content will be hosted in the News section of The Crypto App and tokens within the Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystems will be included in the Portfolio Tracking section. This can bring a lot of attention to the projects that are building on Moonbeam.

5. Vision of Success

Our vision of success for this proposal will be the deployment of each of the above services into the Moonbeam ecosystem. Once these tools are available to the Moonbeam community, we are confident that they will be used by high-quality projects that value security and transparency for their token holders.

People looking to invest in new Moonbeam projects will be able to ask the teams, “Did you lock your tokens and/or liquidity with Team Finance?” Projects that are able to use this service and decline or fail to do so should receive extra scrutiny as this can be seen as a serious red flag. Having this option available on Moonbeam can give the community the tools they need to hold founders accountable and prevent the most common risks associated with investing in crypto startups.

Users of The Crypto App will see news about Moonbeam and be able to track tokens on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks within their portfolios. This can bring these projects to a wider audience and increase market awareness.

As new features are added to Team Finance or The Crypto App, they will likely be integrated into the existing supported blockchains creating additional benefits for our partners in the future.

6. Overall Cost of the Grant

The investment of this proposed deployment will be $250,000 and will be based on milestones related to the 5 specific Team Finance tools being deployed into the Moonbeam ecosystem. Each service deployment milestone will reflect a $50,000 investment for software development, audits, and deployment.

Integration into The Crypto App will be offered as a bonus integration to ensure continued synergy between TrustSwap and the Moonbeam community.

7. Use of Grant

The grant funds will be used by the TrustSwap team to integrate our full suite of Team Finance tools into the Moonbeam ecosystem. Our dedicated team of Web3 developers will integrate all five of our services into Moonbeam by extending our existing blockchain frameworks to include Moonbeam Network architecture. Our front-end team will then add Moonbeam as an option to our existing list of supported blockchains at Team Finance: Token & Liquidity Locks + Launch Tokens & Vesting Contracts. Finally, Moonbeam and Moonriver will be integrated into The Crypto App (Portfolio Tracker and News sections).

8. Timeline and Milestones

Milestone 1 - Team Token Locks

  • Integration of the Moonbeam Chain into the Team Token Locks interface.
  • Testing & QA completed.
  • Token Locks live on mainnet.

Milestone 2 - Liquidity Locks

  • Integration of the Moonbeam Chain into the Team Token Locks interface.
  • Testing & QA completed.
  • Token Locks live on mainnet.

Milestone 3 - Vesting

  • Integration of the Moonbeam Chain into the Team Finance Vesting interface.
  • Testing & QA completed.
  • Vesting service live on mainnet.

Milestone 4 - Staking

  • Integration of the Moonbeam Chain into the Team Finance Staking interface.
  • Testing & QA completed.
  • Staking service live on mainnet.

Milestone 5 - Mint

  • Integration of the Moonbeam Chain into the Team Finance Mint interface.
  • Testing & QA completed.
  • Mint goes live on mainnet.
  • Finalize integration with The Crypto App.

Estimated time to complete all milestones: 45 days

9. Specifications

Team Finance Platform Software architecture is composed of

  1. Smart contracts: All of the critical information and tokens are stored in our smart contracts which are written in Solidity language and fully audited.
  2. Backend: Our backend is dedicated to collecting data from all of our smart contracts across all supported chains and is written in Typescript language. From the backend, we provide services to third-party companies and users through our APIs.
  3. Frontend: Our frontend websites are dedicated to the GUI where we have a friendly user interface for the user to connect their wallet and interact with our Smart Contracts safely. The Frontend uses Typescript language and the NextJS Framework.

TrustSwap works with reputable 3rd-party auditors to verify the security and functionality of all code prior to deployment. You can read our audit reports here.

10. Steps to Implement

Our Development department follows the industry-standard processes for software development which includes the following steps:

  1. Mainnet implementation:
  a) Compiling and deploying our smart contracts

  b) Adding the Mainnet support to the Backend

  c) Adding the Mainnet support to the Frontend

  d) Backend QA final tests on mainnet

  e) Frontend QA final tests on mainnet
  1. Software audits and versioning
  2. Deployment to production
  3. Final QA tests on the production environment

11. Conclusion

By expanding our Team Finance services into the Moonbeam ecosystem, we can help ensure that projects launching on Moonbeam have the tools they need to secure and deploy their tokens in an automated and transparent way. This can save time and money for developers while instilling confidence in their token holders. By integrating Moonbeam into The Crypto App, these projects will enjoy greater exposure and interest from the crypto community. We look forward to integrating with Moonbeam and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm Regards,

The TrustSwap Team

Accelerating the Global Transition to Web3

Hey, Jas!
thank you for your proposal! I’m interested in a few questions, I hope you don’t mind.

  1. How do you plan to gain the trust and attention of developers so that they start using your tool?
  1. Is it possible to see the number of new users, the number of downloads, and so on somewhere?
  1. What criteria should projects meet so that they can be launched on your launchpad? will you take any commission?
  1. Could you provide statistics of new users and regular users who use these platforms?
  1. Can you name a few large projects that use the services of team finance?

  2. Could you please indicate how many hours it will take to implement each of your services? also, are you ready to implement only a few services at first, for example launchpad and team finance toolkit. what will be the requested amount in this case?

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Hi Turrizt. Thank you so much for these great questions!

Let’s dive in…

1. How do you plan to gain the trust and attention of developers so that they start using (Team Finance)?

With over 30,000 projects locking tokens and over $1b in TVL, Team Finance has already established a strong reputation of trust and is widely respected and used by a large number of industry professionals. We are committed to ongoing development towards the growth and adoption of the Team Finance ecosystem in our mission to accelerate the global transition to web3.

Token locks & liquidity locks have become much more popular in recent months given the amount of rug-pulls and scams in the crypto space. Our total number of website visits and users has increased significantly in the last 12 months.

2. Is it possible to see the number of new (The Crypto App) users, the number of downloads, and so on somewhere?

You can see on the Google Play Store here that The Crypto App has over 1m downloads and a 4.5-Star average rating from over 82k users. The Apple Store doesn’t show granular download details, but we would be happy to share the exact stats dashboard privately which shows approximately 4.5 million app downloads combined. The Crypto App hosts over 24 million unique page loads monthly.

3. What criteria should projects meet so that they can be launched on your launchpad? Will you take any commission?

The criteria is that they are rated highly by our in-house rating team of industry experts. They look at every project and consider things like:

  • Whitepaper/Roadmap
  • Website/Socials/Brand
  • Team History, Profile, and Qualifications
  • Partnerships, VCs, and Advisors
  • Tokenomics, Token Utility & Product Utility
  • Security and Audits
  • Competition/Niche
  • Expected Long-Term Growth

We focus on quality over quantity and only launch top-tier projects that have a long-term vision and a team that can execute. We do charge a fee for Launchpad services equal to a small % of the total raised amount. For incubation and advisory services, we take a percentage of the total token supply depending on the services requested by the project, vested as per their advisory allocation.

4. Could you provide statistics of new users and regular users who use these platforms (Swappable and SmartSwaps)?

Swappable has launched several successful NFT campaigns working with prominent artists and respected institutions such as Haas and Company, Accenture, T1, Liechtenstein Bankers Association, KlimaDAO, and UNICEF.

SmartSwaps was our flagship project launched two years ago. It still has some modest usage but we are mostly focused now on Team Finance, The Crypto App, and our Launchpad/Incubation services.

5. Can you name a few large projects that use the services of Team Finance?

Team Finance is primarily used by brand new projects with very low market caps. Some of the larger projects that have used Team Finance for token and liquidity locks include MetaHero, Everdome, and Seedify NFT Space.

6. Could you please indicate how many hours it will take to implement each of your services? Also, are you ready to implement only a few services at first, for example launchpad and team finance toolkit? What will be the requested amount in this case?

The Team Finance toolkit is a comprehensive suite of tools that have yet to be built on Moonbeam so development is hard to quantify in terms of hours-per-service. Our dev teams are confident that they can complete the entire integration within 30 days but we are setting a goal of 45 days to allow for any delays that might occur.

If we are going to integrate any one of the Team Finance services, it makes sense to include them all in a bundle so that the Moonbeam community can take advantage of the fully-integrated ecosystem.

I hope that answers your questions. Thanks again!

~ TrustSwap Team

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Thank you for the detailed answer. I appreciate your time! :+1:

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We appreciate you as well! Thank you for the opportunity to share our vision and discuss our unique solutions for building trust and confidance in the crypto space.

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