Treasury Council Member Candidacy - Vlad Bay

Name: Vlad Bay (full name - Vladimir Bayatov)
Timezone: UTC+4 (Tbilisi, Georgia)
English Language proficiency: ILR Level 3

Not very experienced, but very interested in Web3. I have experience with website creation, project management, software development, also have some design skills.

I’m quite recently in crypto. Due to to the fact that cryptoworld is unfathomable, I decided to focus on Polkadot and parachains. My first encounter with Moonbeam is your Odyssey Trials, made a simplified roadmap for it - Warpcast

I see blockchain technologies as a part of bright digital future, that’s why I’m enthusiastic in improving/promoting Polkadot ecosystem and Moonbeam in particular. I’d like to contribute to it in the form of discussing, reviewing and voting on proposals and initiatives concerning proper spending of the Moonbeam/Moonriver treasury fund.

Conflicts of interest: None

Availability: I can commit 10-15 hours per week. I have no general restrictions which can stop me from attending regular meetings. But it also depends on the time schedule of the meetings.

Code of Conduct: I commit to uphold the code of conduct.

My delegate profile - Delegates of Moonbeam DAO

My LinkedIn profile -

Hi @contextant ,
Welcome to the Forum and our community!
It is good to know that you participated in the recent community program, the Odyssey Trials - I liked the roadmap infographics you created :slight_smile:

While anyone is welcome to join our Forum and contribute to the development of our ecosystem to their best knowledge and skills, running for the Treasury Council requires some track record within the ecosystem. And I think you will have a chance to build that now with the Odyssey Program and its further development. However, at this point there is an item in the eligibility criteria that, unfortunately, prevents you from participating in this round of elections - your Forum Trust Level which is supposed to be at 1. You can find the full list of eligibility criteria here.

I would like to thank you for your candidacy post and encourage you to get to know our ecosystem better and try in the next round!

Yes, absolutely! :+1: Frankly, I don’t think I’m eligible for the position, I just saw there was only one candidate until the last two days, that’s why I decided to give it a try. On the last day, five candidates applied, so it’s ok now :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

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That’s very kind of you, haha!
Yes, people tend to apply at the last minute - chronic procrastinators!