Treasury Council Member Candidacy - Marcel Perez Rodriguez

Candidacy Post

Name: Marcel Perez
Timezone: UTC-4:00
English Language Proficiency: IRL 3
Treasury Position: Non-Foundation Treasury Council

I’m an enthusiast in the crypto world with a solid grasp on how to implement technologies like blockchain, as well as integrating new forms of payment such as cryptocurrencies. My expertise spans business development, international business management, project management, financial analysis, and resource management. I’ve also dedicated time to mastering the fundamentals of Web3 and blockchain, enhancing my ability to navigate and leverage these technologies effectively.

I’ve been deeply involved in the crypto space for the past 4 years, with the last 2 years specifically focused on exploring, holding in GLMR token, and researching the Moonbeam project, Polkadot, and their updates.
At the same time, I’m fully aware of the immense potential these projects hold and I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to their future developments. Where I’ve kept up-to-date with ecosystem updates, new implementations, and strategic alliances. This background not only informs my understanding of the space but also fuels my drive to contribute meaningfully to Moonbeam’s success.

I am strongly interested for applying to the council is driven by a genuine interest in optimizing the project’s resources and treasury. I believe that with strategic investments and well-thought-out decisions, we can significantly grow the project. I’m passionate about being part of this exciting journey and helping to implement innovative solutions that can drive Moonbeam forward.

Conflicts of Interest
I have no conflicts of interest that would impact my ability to evaluate proposals objectively.

I can commit 10-14 hours per week to the committee. I have no general restrictions that would interfere with attending regular meetings.

Code of Conduct
I fully share code of conduct principles and I will adhere to it

Supporting Information

Let’s make the future of Web3 a reality together!

Hi @marcelperez03 ,

Thank you for your candidacy post!

I would like to know more about your experience within Web3 where you had a chance to use your expertise and contribute. Can you share more about that, please?

Also, I see that you joined the Forum 1 day before you posted your candidacy post which makes me wonder about your track record within the Moonbeam ecosystem. Not that the Forum is the only place where you can be a part of the conversation, but I would say it is a very important platform to be on if one is interested in learning and contributing to the network and its community.