Treasury Council Member Candidacy (July - December 2024) - Maksims Kurajevs | Algorithm Crypto

Name: Maksims Kurajevs
Timezone: UTC+02:00
English Language proficiency: IRL 3

I’m an experienced IT and fintech professional with extensive project leadership, developed over six years in blockchain and cryptocurrency. As co-founder and CEO of a leading NFT platform and a frequent guest speaker and blogger I leverage my business and management education to drive innovation and strategic growth in Web 3.0 technologies

Experience in Web3

  • Binance Angel Investor (3+ years): Built and managed a thriving Russian Binance community +100k members, organizing numerous events and fostering engagement, did product testing for Binance & Trust Wallet (have certification)

  • Community Builder: Represented Graph Network at meetups and built communities for promising crypto projects (Guildfi, Swash, Aperture Finance, Tanssi Network).

  • Active Investor & Influencer: Angel investor in over 30 web3 startups, web3 blogger, and guest speaker in the space.

  • Technical Expertise: Founder of a web3 marketplace Monezo and validator for Mina Protocol, Nym, Polkadot, Graph Protocol and Solana.

Background ( Moonbeam & Polkadot)

Web3 has become my full-time passion over the last six years. Since 2021, I have been deeply involved in the Polkadot ecosystem, currently validating Polkadot, and later, in 2022, I shifted to the Moonbeam space. As a dedicated Moonbeam ambassador, I have actively participated in the Moonbeam public sale and engaged with the local Moonbeam community.

Holding GLMR tokens, I am a strong believer in the future success of the Moonbeam and Polkadot ecosystems. The integration of systems like Moonbeam, which simplifies building on Web3, is crucial and will undoubtedly secure its place in the industry.

I am confident that my experience and passion for Web3 will enable me to contribute significantly to Moonbeam’s growth and success. I am eager to be a part of this Web3 revolution and support Moonbeam in capturing its space in the ecosystem.


I believe Web3 and crypto are driven by decentralized enthusiasm. They are built, driven, and led by proactive believers. I am interested in applying to the council to participate in ecosystem development, voting, and guiding the project’s treasury and resources. With solid experience in fintech and Web3, I can bring valuable insights into evaluating the right teams and ideas that will make an impact, leading to the growth and formation of the Web3 ecosystem in which we all believe.

It is crucial to support the right projects to ensure their success. I am passionate about helping the Moonbeam ecosystem thrive, and I am inspired by the doers within this space. Joining the council would allow me to deepen my involvement with the community and collaborate closely with other council members to drive the project forward.

Conflicts of interest

I have no conflicts of interest that would impact my ability to evaluate proposals objectively.


I can commit 14-20 hours per week to the committee. I have no restrictions that would interfere with attending regular meetings.

Code of Conduct

I fully share code of conduct principles and I will adhere to it

Supporting Information

CV : Maksims Kurajevs CV 2024.pdf - Google Drive


My telegram blog:

My youtube:

Side project ( :

Delegate profile - Delegates of Moonbeam DAO

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I forgot to mention in my application above:

Besides being a Moonbeam ambassador, I’m also currently participating in the Moonbeam Odyssey Program. Speaking of the Polkadot ecosystem, I’m running a validator for Karura and Tanssi Network and am part of the Graph Advocate DAO, where I do a lot of stuff like translations, content creation, and organizing meet-ups.

If I’m elected, I can use my personal blog and YouTube channel to get more people involved in the Moonbeam ecosystem and voting processes. I believe this could bring in a lot of new users and increase engagement.

P.S. Here’s my certificate for being a Binance Exchange Angel: Certificate Link

Feel free to ask any questions) :grinning:

Hi @maxmut96 ,
Thank you for the candidacy post above! You have quite an impressive resume there.

It is always good to see a fellow ambassador taking the next step and starting to engage with the ecosystem in a more meaningful way.
Do you mind sharing your discord handle? I would be interested to learn more about your contributions as an ambassador :slight_smile:

Hey, Lyn!

It’s always great to see you.

I wanted to update you on my current Discord handle, which is now @maxmut96 (previously maxmut96#5919). I joined Moonbeam as an ambassador and was quite active from January to May 2021. Most of my activity was in the Russian Telegram group, and I remember we had a special hub for ambassador assignments as well. Recently, I found some links to parts of those assignments on my computer, along with some old merchandise and prizes from Moonbeam.

There is also a possibility that I rejoined the Moonbeam Discord (I’m not 100% sure, as I had some problems with Discord).

As an ambassador, I was involved in the following activities:

•	Actively engaging and chatting in the Russian Telegram Moonbeam community
•	Creating numerous memes and infographics
•	Producing animations and promotional videos
•	Composing an original song for the Moonbeam community and creating a few promotional videos
•	Inviting about 5-7 people from the local Russian community to join as Moonbeam ambassadors
•	Designing some merchandise
•	Participating in various quizzes and events
•	some translations to Russian

I also participated in the Moonbeam crowdloan and the Take Flight event. Between 2021 and 2024, I was an angel investor, supporting projects like Acala, Moonwell, Amara Finance, and many others within the Polkadot ecosystem. A few months ago, I returned to the Moonbeam community and am excited to reconnect.

Let’s make Moonbeam great again!

Looking forward to catching up and contributing more!

Thank you for the detailed response, Maksims!
And I love the merch you are wearing :blush:
Like a real OG!

Good luck with the elections! :crossed_fingers:

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