Treasury Council Member Candidacy (July - December 2024) - Ksenija Kuzmina

Name: Ksenija Kuzmina
Timezone: UTC+02:00
English Language proficiency: IRL 4

I am a practicing lawyer focused on fintech and IT with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency space. Over the past four years, I have dedicated myself to researching various blockchain technologies, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and ICP. My involvement in the crypto industry has allowed me to build a rich understanding of different chains and their ecosystems.

Experience in Web3:
• Community Moderator: I have served as a community moderator for several prominent projects, such as Initia, Taiko, Wormhole, Sui, and many more, ensuring smooth communication and engagement within the community.
• Legal Advisor: I have volunteered legal advisory services to multiple crypto projects, helping them navigate regulatory landscapes and ensuring compliance.
• Marketing Consultant: My role has often extended to assisting projects with their marketing strategies, helping them reach a broader audience and achieve their goals.
• Graph DAO Advocate: I have been an active participant in the Graph Protocol ecosystem, contributing through translations, meetup organization and participation in them.
• Blockchain Testing and Validation: I have hands-on experience in testing and validating blockchains such as Zora, StarkNet, and LayerZero.
• Community Leader: I manage a small crypto-oriented community and run a Telegram channel, fostering discussion and knowledge sharing among members.

Background (Polkadot and Moonbeam):
Last year, I became deeply inspired by the Polkadot ecosystem and recognized Moonbeam as a leading project within this space. My participation in Polkadot parachains and auctions has been driven by a belief in the revolutionary potential of Moonbeam to facilitate cross-chain applications. As a public investor and token holder of Moonbeam, I have actively participated in DAO voting and continue to support the project’s growth.
Motivation: I am passionate about making a difference in the crypto space and believe in the future of Moonbeam. My goal is to contribute to the project’s success by leveraging my legal, marketing, and community management skills. I am committed to making a positive impact and supporting the development of innovative solutions within the Moonbeam ecosystem. I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the Moonbeam Treasury Council and look forward to contributing to the project’s continued success.

• Enhance Community Engagement: Foster stronger community ties and promote active participation in governance and development activities.
• Support Legal Compliance: Provide legal guidance to ensure the project adheres to regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks.
• Promote Moonbeam: Use my marketing expertise to highlight Moonbeam’s capabilities and attract more developers and users to the platform.
• Facilitate Knowledge Sharing: Organize and participate in meetups and conferences to keep the community informed and connected.

Conflicts of interest
I have no conflicts of interest that could compromise my impartiality in evaluating proposals.

I am available for 10-20 hours per week and am flexible about timing to accommodate the needs of the council and the community.

Code of Conduct
I fully endorse the principles outlined in the code of conduct and commit to following them

Delegate profile: Delegates of Moonbeam DAO

Hi @xenia_kk11 ,
Thank you for your candidacy post!
You seem to have a rich background in various ecosystems which is an asset.
But do you mind sharing more about your experience in Moonbeam?

I see that it is your first post here on the Forum and you joined less than a week ago. While you do have Trust Level 1 to qualify for participation in the elections, I am interested to know how familiar you are with our ecosystem and how Treasury operates in general.

Hey Lyn,

Thank you for your interest in my candidacy. I’m absolutely happy to provide more details about my experience with Moonbeam and my understanding of how the Treasury operates.

q1)At the start of my Web3 journey, I engaged with several projects, including Acala and Moonbeam, where I served as an ambassador. My Discord handle is @crypomania, and during my initial involvement, I contributed to the community by posting translations on Medium, making Twitter posts, and participating in other community activities. Although I shifted my focus back to my Web2 career for a period, I returned to the crypto space in mid-2023. Since then, I’ve been exploring different chains and ecosystems, and my attention was particularly drawn to Polkadot and Moonbeam.

In July, I noticed significant updates from Moonbeam, such as their marketing rebranding, a new website version, an updated ambassador program, and treasury voting initiatives. These developments reinforced my belief that Moonbeam is the right place to invest my efforts. As a token holder and active participant in DAO voting, I am deeply invested in Moonbeam’s future and motivated to contribute to its success.

q2)In my professional capacity as a lawyer specializing in fintech, I frequently handle security procedures, payment processing, and legal advising for the funds management& operations. This experience has given me a solid understanding of treasury operations and the complexities involved in managing funds securely and efficiently. While I may not be an expert in evaluating startups from an investment perspective, my legal expertise enables me to contribute meaningfully to the governance and compliance aspects of treasury management.

Summarising, I believe my systematic approach and readiness to follow all guidelines, combined with my understanding of crypto communities as an experienced Web3 user and community leader, position me well to contribute as a member of the Treasury.

I am happy to answer any additional questions or provide more information about the community activities I have undertaken for other projects.