Sharing my experience: Grant Committee Season 3

Starting my journey as a business expert representing non-Foundation community members on the Moonbeam Grant Committee, Season 3, has been an honor. From this point on, my journey has been both enlightening and challenging. In this role, I aimed to bring my expertise to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Before I write about my personal experience, I have to admit that at first, despite my prior experience in the crypto industry and the variety of opportunities it offers, I initially struggled due to my non-technical background when faced with a diverse array of projects during Season 3. Each project required a technical perspective and comprehension. From the field of DeFi and NFTs to gaming and various innovative applications, each proposal brought its unique set of opportunities and challenges.

One of the most rewarding aspects of serving on the committee was the opportunity to engage with (mostly - as @Jim_CertHum said in his reflection: some projects led to “occasionally humorous internal discussions on the committee”) professional teams from around the world during diligence calls. These interactions not only helped me understand the potential uses of blockchain technology, but also showed how projects in the Moonbeam ecosystem can have an impact on the whole industry. As @KingLuuu said in his reflection: “I was surprised by how much is going on behind closed curtains and how much effort and time the Foundation spends on creating an environment where teams on Moonbeam can thrive.” — I definitely feel the same way.

Throughout the season, the committee functioned as a cohesive unit, with each member bringing their unique insights and expertise to the table. I want to express my gratitude to my teammates @KingLuuu, @Jim_CertHum, @0x_thiago, and @sicco-moonbeam, whose dedication and professionalism contributed to the success of our decision-making process for the Moonbeam community. Together, we evaluated proposals based on their potential to drive user adoption, add value to the ecosystem, and fill existing gaps.

But there are also challenges that might come up as the crypto market enters a bull phase, which is the amount of work for the three non-foundation members on the committee. However, I am pleased to note that this concern has disappeared, as the upcoming Season 4 will see an increase in membership to include 6 Non-Foundation members and 3 Foundation members. This expansion is a positive development, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive representation on the committee, which is indeed a significant path forward.

All in all, my experience on the Moonbeam Grant Committee, Season 3 has been immensely fulfilling. It has allowed me to contribute to the growth of a vibrant ecosystem while learning from and collaborating with like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, serving as a Business Expert on the Moonbeam Grant Committee has been a wonderful experience, one that has deepened my appreciation for the power of decentralized innovation. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of Season 3 and look forward to the continued evolution and success of the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity and hopefully see you soon :slight_smile:

All the best,