Second Snapshot Results

Hello everyone,

The Tranche 2 Ecosystem Grant snapshot vote is now complete. As explained in this forum post, the top 3 teams at the end of the second snapshot vote will be eligible to go to the on-chain referendum, provided they meet a minimum awarded GLMR threshold requirement and update the community with their revised milestones.

The top three teams all met the threshold of 14.286% of the vote (the equivalent of 500.000 GLMR out of 3.5M).

The following teams reached the minimum threshold of the vote:

Team Voting Percentage Awarded Amount
Moonwell 45.053% 1,576,853.40 GLMR
Gamma 25.44% 890,254.15 GLMR
Beamswap 17.798% 622,927.68 GLMR

The following teams were not in the top three and will not go on to the on-chain vote:

Team Voting Percentage Community Grants Bucket Amount
Moonfit 8.268% 289,373.80 GLMR
Stellaswap 2.79% 97,596.63 GLMR
Charm 0.403% 14,109.49 GLMR
Arden 0.132% 4,614.73 GLMR
Orbiter One 0.118% 4,116.46 GLMR
DefiEdge 0.004% 153.66 GLMR
Total 11.713% 409,964.77 GLMR

As a result, 409,964.77 GLMR will be added to the Community Grants Bucket.

Now that the amounts are known, the three winning teams have until August 10th, 23:59 pm UTC to create a post on the Grant Proposals forum articulating their revised milestones and they are encouraged to be as specific as possible.

The community will have until August 12th, 23:59 pm UTC to provide feedback and ask questions about the revised milestones.

Separate on-chain referenda will be created for these three teams, as well as TFA DAO on August 14th. The four referenda will be live for 14 days.


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