Request for Community Questions for the Upcoming Tranche 2 Grants Twitter Space

Hello all,

This forum is a fantastic opportunity for our innovators to showcase their proposals and for you to engage in in-depth discussions about these projects.

We value your insight and curiosity, which is why we’re inviting you to submit your questions for this event. Your queries play a crucial role in illuminating the intricacies of the projects and sparking engaging dialogues.

Please share your questions in this forum thread. Alternatively, you can also contact me directly via my Telegram handle @dabricksz.

Your active participation is key to the success of this event. We look forward to your insightful questions and enthusiastic involvement!


Nicholas Lorenzi (DaBricksz)
Downtown Moonbeam


My questions are the same for all projects:

  1. Explain in detail your go-to-market strategy.
  2. What are the major obstacles you expect to encounter when growing your user base?
  3. What does the product market fit look like if not already achieved?
  4. What is the 5+ year vision of your product, assuming everything goes well?

If this question appears relevant and there is sufficient time to provide a detailed response, I would appreciate it if the projects could clarify their opinion on the following aspects: TVL, volumes, and activity required for the project to sustain itself without grants. additionally, it would be helpful to know how they plan to attract user attention without relying on grants. In other words, what are their main advantages that will ensure users continue using the platform and attract new active users?

  1. I would love to see a comparison of “expected TVL increase” per “GLMR received”. Since we have more teams applying now. The teams with a ratio lower than < 1 should provide a good justification.

  2. Based on turritz question regarding sustainability: What level of TVL, trade volume, UAW or # of transactions is required to reach a sustainable level, where no more grants is required for the project to survive?

  3. Having two protocols incentivizing the same pool with similar rewards doesn’t seem beneficial to the overall community. Why don’t DEX’s come together and discuss a strategy to maximize their impact? Would that be effective or beneficial? For example:

  • DEX A incentivizes xcDOT/USDC for the first month while DEX B incentivizes the same pool for the following months
  • or DEX A focus on some specific pairs while DEX B focus on others.

Bumping as the Twitter Space is tomorrow!

For all the juicy details, make sure to check out this tweet :point_down:

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Great question @turrizt . I think it would be beneficial for all projects to determine a roadmap/pathway for when they can become self sustainable. The roadmap/pathway doesn’t have to be perfect, and it can change along the way ( common for all startups).

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