Referendum 79 Re-Enactment


Fast-tracked proposal to reinstate enactment of Referendum 79.


Referendum 79 (forum post) was approved by the community, with the vote concluding on block 2671200. Consequently, it was scheduled to be enacted in block 2686500. However, when RT2000 was enacted on block 2673234, a migration took place that cleared the pending Scheduler list and so, effectively canceled the enactment of the original Referendum.

This proposal is to reinstate the enactment of Referendum 79.


Proposal #81 with the original preimage hash: 0x0981f046a9effccf318dfaac328af1405c4da9c3ccaac2a0a96befbab3af1cdf

Technical details

The proposal was set with a 24-hour voting window and instant enactment. The preimage was slightly changed because the isSufficient field was originally set to false, which would’ve created an unwanted behavior and would have needed a separate democracy proposal to fix. The nature of the original proposal remains the same.


Just to clarify a bit,

The original preimage hash of #79 was 0x14262a42aa6ccb3cae0a169b939ca5b185bc317bb7c449ca1741a0600008d306 but the call did contain an issue where the asset was not marked as self-sufficient.

The #81 fixes this and has the hash 0x0981f046a9effccf318dfaac328af1405c4da9c3ccaac2a0a96befbab3af1cdf

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