[Referendum: 70] Open/Accept HRMP channel to/from Bifrost and Register BNC Asset


This batched proposal is to Accept/Open an HRMP channel with Bifrost and to register the BNC token


We propose to open a bi-directional channel between Moonbeam and Bifrost. Initially, the main use case will be to transfer GLMR and BNC between the two chains, but it can be further expanded to other use cases. The proposal also includes the BNC asset registration as xcBNC, with the following details:

  • Multilocation: { “parents”: 1, “interior”: {“X2”: [{ “Parachain”: 2030},{ “GeneralKey”: “0x0001”}]}}
  • Decimals: 12
  • Name: BNC
  • Symbol: xcBNC

xcBNC will have the following asset ID and XC-20 address:

  • Asset ID: 165823357460190568952172802245839421906
  • XC-20 address: 0xffffffff7cc06abdf7201b350a1265c62c8601d2

The proposal has become the Referendum #70