[Referendum: 55] Proposal to register asset xcWIFD

[Referendum: 55] Add WIFD

Abstract - This proposal is to register xcWIFD as an XC-20.

Details - Add WIFD from Asset Hub using foreign asset registry. Launched on HDX already. $25,000 LP as of writing this proposal. Want to launch on moonbeam network to give the community more DEX options like e.g. stellaswap.

dog wif dots (WIFD) emerges as the mascot for the Polkadot community. It’s a bridge ​between complex blockchain concepts and the global community that Polkadot ​seeks to empower. As the vibrant symbol for Polkadot’s mission of fostering ​interoperability and collaboration, dog wif dots invites users, developers, and ​enthusiasts to come together and ‘connect the dots’. Through this creative and ​inclusive approach, dog wif dots highlights the core values of Polkadot, making ​the technology accessible and relatable to a broader audience.


We propose to register Polkadot Asset Hub WIFD token as xcWIFD, with the following details:

  • Multilocation: { “parents”: 1, “interior”: {“X3”: [ { “Parachain”: 1000 }, {“PalletInstance”: 50}, { “GeneralIndex”: 17}]}}
  • Decimals: 10
  • Name: dog wif dots
  • Symbol: xcWIFD

:dog: :rocket: :full_moon:

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