[Referendum: 52, 53 & 54] Support needed for cancellation - I messed up

[Referendum: 52, 53 & 54] Support needed for cancellation - I messed up

Abstract - I messed up the origin / origins with the referendum #52 and started a cancellation of this referendum by #53. Also the second attempt #54 I messed up the origin and origins to be set to general admin.

Details - Dog-brained as I am and way to late at night, I wanted to start the referendum to bring the WIFD asset to moonbeam for the community. I followed a guide and entered “root” as origin (ref. 52). I thought I could undo my error by creating a cancellation ref., which was also not the right way as I realized quickly (ref. 53). And last but not least did the same mistake again with origin “root” for ref. 54. All of these referendums need to be cancelled / NYEd and I hope you do not see this as malicious activity… Just first time and dog-brained… I hope you can support me with the cancellation and the refund of the deposits.


Happy end
I just created another forum post with the referendum 55, which I finally learned from my mistakes and started the actual general admin origin referendum to bring the AH WIFD asset to moonbeam as xcWIFD.

Title of the correct post for [Referendum: 55] I hope getting your AYEs for:
[Referendum: 55] Proposal to register asset xcWIFD

Regards, your dog wif dots