[Referendum: 30] Polkadex Proposal Open/Accept HRMP channel and Register Asset xcPDEX

[Polkadex] XCM Disclosures


This is a batched proposal to Accept/Open an HRMP channel with the Polkadex parachain and Register Asset xcPDEX on Moonbeam.


We propose to open a bi-directional channel between Moonbeam and the Polkadex parachain. Initially, this channel would allow the back and forth transfers of GLMR and PDEX between the two parachains. The opening of a bidirectional channel will ultimately allow Moonbeam assets like GLMR (and other Moonbeam-native assets) to be traded on Polkadex Orderbook, Polkadex’s non-custodial, order-book-based exchange.

With a potential Polkadex Orderbook listing, GLMR would first be paired with USDT and, gradually, with other DotSama assets as more channels are open between Polkadex and additional parachains; thus creating efficient and liquid trading pairs, which, in turn, will make non-custodial trading of GLMR and other DotSama assets free, easy, and fast.

In addition, we propose that the xcPDEX asset be registered on Moonbeam, thus adding support for PDEX across the Moonbeam ecosystem and enabling the use of PDEX in dApps on Moonbeam.

Token Metadata

Multilocation: {parents: 1, interior: {x1:{parachain: 2040}}}
Decimals: 12
Name: Polkadex
Symbol: xcPDEX

xcPDEX will have the following asset ID and XC-20 address:

  • Asset ID: 90225766094594282577230355136633846906
  • XC-20 address: 0xfFffFFFF43e0d9b84010b1b67bA501bc81e33C7A

On-Chain Proposal Reference

On-Chain Proposal #[30] with the associated hash: 0xa7a88a20a6a4fa2ae5155c5cc32d8e725202e7f1691d65ca04e1b609ca362186

Technical details:

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  • Already sent a request to open a channel between Polkadex Parachain <> Moonbeam
  • Registered Moonbeam asset on both Polkadex Parachain and Solochain.
  • Generated an encoded batch call for the following transactions (which will be executed on Moonbeam):
    • Open HRMP Channel between Moonbeam Parachain <> Polkadex Parachain
    • Accept HRMP request from Polkadex Parachain.
    • Create xcPDEX token on Moonbeam Parachain.

Batch call data:


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Link to the on-chain proposal:

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I placed the DecisionDeposit for this referendum.
Looking forward for the cross-chain-friendship :pray:

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