[Referendum: 27] Proposal to Register Asset xcLDOT


This proposal is to Register xcLDOT as an XC-20 on Moonbeam.


We propose to register LDOT token as xcLDOT, with the following details:

  • Multilocation: { “parents”: 1, “interior”: {“X2”: [{ “Parachain”: 2000 },{“GeneralKey”: {“length”: 2, “data”: “0x0003000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000”}}]}}

  • Decimals: 10

  • Name: Liquid DOT

  • Symbol: xcLDOT

xcLDOT will have the following asset ID and XC-20 address:

  • Asset ID: 225719522181998468294117309041779353812
  • XC-20 address: 0xffffffffa9cfffa9834235fe53f4733f1b8b28d4

On-Chain Proposal Reference

On-Chain Proposal #[27] with the associated hash: * 0xb7e60bacf0fb6abcfa7322d06ff331a0b8b654195349b0e4e7ef85d3a68a63e6

Technical details:

This proposal just registers Liquid DOT as xcLDOT, as HRMP channels were already established.

The asset will be registered with the metadata described in the summary. The setAssetUnitsPerSecond was calculated using the value for a $1 USDC value, targeting a XCM transaction cost of 0.02$.

If you are interested, the hex-encoded call data for this proposal in Moonbeam 1 is:


hey, Yuzhu, could you please provide more info about what LDOT is?

Link to on-chain proposal:

@Yuzhu, could you please edit the title of the on-chain proposal and also add a description for the proposal?

Hey, Thanks for the reply. I will explain what LDOT is and why to register it on Moonbeam below:

  • LDOT, powered by the Homa protocol, is a DeFi-native non-custodial LST. It’s live and battle-tested on Acala.

  • Homa protocol establishes a non-custodial trustless and cross-chain staking pool, where users stake their token and receive an L-Token (e.g. stake DOT and receive LDOT) that represents the principle staked asset plus the staking yield continuously accruing. Homa is designed to provide stakers. Click here to know more details about Homa

  • And over 4.6m DOT already mint as LDOT on the Acala Platform.

  • Register LDOT aim to list it on Stellaswap and Moonwell to do more

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Will complete it soon.

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Hi @Yuzhu - I put up the DecisionDeposit for your proposal and am voting in favor of adding LDOT :pray: