[Referendum:22] Upgrade Moonriver to RT2401

The Moonriver Council proposes to upgrade the Moonriver’s runtime to version 2401.

Runtime 2401 release note :

Important updates:

  • Upgrade all networks to Substrate v0.9.40. (see #2202)
  • ERC20 XCM enabled assets: Facilitates seamless transfer of ERC20 tokens across the broader parachain ecosystem (see #2334)
  • Remote EVM execution : Enables smart contract developers to make their Dapps accessible to anyone in the Kusama ecosystem. (see #2318)
  • GMP Precompile for Transfers with Payload: Increases the reach and impact of the Moonbeam ecosystem by enabling seamless interoperability with other blockchains. (see #2327)
  • Addition of the Multisigs pallet. (see #2264)
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definitely, I’m in favor of this proposal! :rocket:

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