[Referendum: 116] Upgrade Moonriver to RT1901

The Moonriver Council proposes to upgrade the Moonriver’s runtime to version 1901. This upgrade will include the Runtime 1900 change proposal along with the below fixes.

Runtime 1900 release note :


Fixes :

Important updates:

  • Support Natively Auto-Compounding of Staking Rewards : (#1828)
    Delegators can now choose the percentage amount of the rewards they wish to be auto-compounded and the amount will automatically be added to the delegation.

  • Enable Randomness for Moonriver and Moonbeam : (#1788)
    Following the successful test of the Randomness precompile in Moonbase, the precompile is added to Moonriver.

  • Fixes Identity pallet to properly support identity registrars : (#1877)
    Checks that a registrar is providing judgement for the correct identity. This is mandatory prior to the activation of Identity Verification on Moonriver.