[Referendum: 105] Activate GMP Precompile and Register Wormhole Core and Bridge Contracts


Activate the GMP precompile on Moonbeam and register Wormhole’s Core and Bridge contract addresses so that it can be used with Wormhole’s Moonbeam deployment.


As part of Runtime 2401, the GMP Precompile will be available on Moonbeam.

However, as a security feature, this precompile has a “killswitch” mechanism in the Storage Key with value 0xb7f047395bba5df0367b45771c00de502551bba17abb82ef3498bab688e470b8.

To fully activate (and enable) the precompile, we need to set this Storage Key to be 0x1. Moreover, we need to register the Wormhole Core and Bridge contract address in the following Storage Keys:

  • Wormhole Core Contract Address → 0xb7f047395bba5df0367b45771c00de5059ff23ff65cc809711800d9d04e4b14c
  • Wormhole Bridge Contract Address → 0xb7f047395bba5df0367b45771c00de50c1586bde54b249fb7f521faf831ade45

Addresses can be found in Wormhole’s Github Repo.


Referendum 105 Polkassembly


Link to the on-chain proposal :point_down:

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