[Proposal: XX] Recover a user's Manta tokens from contract address

Abstract: This proposal is going to recover a user’s Manta tokens from contract address.


User address: 0x3A94122f463f79814B9208257CbffeB4c90D0674

Contract address: 0xffffffff7d3875460d4509eb8d0362c611b4e841

Amount: 19254.062206050160291337 Manta

Tx history: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer

This user sent his/her Manta tokens to the contract address three weeks ago. So there’s no way to get Manta tokens back usually.

Workaround: We can use the governance to recover tokens by force transfer.

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Hey @linux6, thanks for putting this together.

How did the user build this call data to transfer tokens to the xcMANTA token contract?

Did he do it via Metamask?

Thanks in advance

hey Alberto, here’s the affected user response

I’m guessing he put the xcMANTA token contract as destination address by mistake.

@aaron.mbf - I think this will require ROOT track and, therefore, a 2M GLMR decision deposit.

Yes . I think this happened to me by mistake