[Proposal: MR41] Root Origin: Fixing xcvKSM, xcvMOVR and xcvBNC Asset sufficient to “true” (Timed Out by Lacking of Decision Deposit)

*Since Proposal MR32 passed but executed failed with bad origin in General Admin Track, this proposal has been reinitiated in Root Track now.


This proposal aims to amend the previous asset registration proposal by changing the sufficient value of the registered xcvKSM, xcvMOVR and xcvBNC from ‘false’ to ‘true’.

Issue Statement

Recently, we have discovered that xcvToken , Bifrost liquid staking tokens “vTokens”, cannot create trading pairs when integrating with Native Moonbeam and Moonriver DEXs such as Stellaswap, Beamswap, and Solarbeam. (*The issue had fixed on Moonbeam.) The reason is that when xcvToken is registered, the sufficient parameter is set to false, which prevents any address from receiving xcvToken without having the native token GLMR. As a result, the contract for creating trading pairs fails.

Failed TXes for example:

On Beamswap V2: https://moonscan.io/tx/0xf2afc1c170bd70fc6bce7a3b6f8188eb3bc9c22ebf37e9dfaba47a8667329136

V2: https://moonscan.io/tx/0x97ca37b9b6bd13f1ce0347fc420500d0c4a47b26dfa2cbd80d3d8e81af3c01b5

V3: https://moonscan.io/tx/0x3de1e740eb3e8def53defcc21b6b9f5bf21682b768c097ca6744b3bf1ea6fdca

On Solarbeam:


As the Moonbeam team reported: “If an asset is sufficient it means that it can be sent to an account that has no balance of a native token. If an asset is not sufficient, it can’t be sent to an account that has no balance of the native token.”

Although sending GLMR or MOVR to a DEX pool contract in advance to avoid sufficient issue can be solution, but pool contract needs to have a payable function to accept GLMR, which unfortunately most DEXes pool contracts doesn’t have.

So, we would need to change sufficient from false to true to ensure that any address can still receive xcvKSM, xcvMOVR and xcvBNC without MOVR.


Pointing out that this root track referendum still needs the 100k MOVR decisionDeposit placed.


just FYI, this proposal has timed out because the required decision deposit wasn’t placed


Moonbeam team weren’t able to help with the decision deposit before this timed out because token is needed for RT2602 accelerated.
The new proposal MR45 has been posted, replacing for MR 41.

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